What is the Costco tire warranty and how does it work? (2023)

Costco was one of the first companies to remember tires. Costco has always been confident in supplying tires. The Costco tire warranty is one of its strongest selling points. What is the Costco tire warranty and how does it work? let's see

costcoA five-year tire warranty is provided on all tire purchases. All high-speed and passenger tires are covered under this warranty.

What is the Costco tire warranty and how does it work? (1)

Customers who purchase Costco tires will receive a puncture-resistant warrantytrampled clothes are harmful. Therefore, the company will repair or replace tires that are damaged during routine vehicle work.

One-person website selected from 50,000 consumers who recently bought tiresClark NetworkConducted a study and found Costco to be the right choicetop tire supplier

The Costco Tire Warranty provides consumers with new tires based on the amount of tread remaining. Additionally, Costco offers purchase credits as compensation.

Read on to learn more about Costco's tire warranty, including how it's covered, what it covers, how much it costs, and other important information.

Costco Tire Warranty

To help you decide whether to buy tires through Costco, we've highlighted the pros and cons of Costco tires below:

What is the Costco tire warranty and how does it work? (2)


  • Installation of special tires
  • Maintenance is free.
  • 5 years traffic accident insurance
  • Cost-effectiveness

Consumers buy tires from Costco with a 5-year warranty. This warranty covers a range of tire types:

Cars, plus light trucks and performance tires.

Tire buyers are covered by this warrantyAssociated with tire damage during everyday vehicle use, including tread damage.

spare tireProvided by Costco as an expense subsidyfor future purchases. The guaranteed amount depends on the amount of tread remaining on the tire. Costco also offers other services to customers.

also,it gives great resultsDiscountfor maintenance and warranty, and other products that customers may want after leaving the parking lot.

Plus, nearly 50,000 people consider Costco one of the top tire retailers in a survey conducted by Clark.com.

How does the Costco tire warranty work?

Costco tire warranties are enforced by the company. Costco has a limited 5-year policy. Customer assurance requires certain standards.

Costco tire warranty requirements are as follows:

  • You bought the tires first.
  • Costco wholesale stores sell tires.
  • Costco's Wholesale Tire Center requires tires and their receipts.
  • Costco Tire Warranty
  • There are additional requirements for the guarantee:
  • car manufacturer recommendationstire pressure
  • Follow the manufacturer's tire rotation and balancing instructions.
  • Regular maintenance of tire-related mechanical components.
  • Complete the Costco Wholesale Tire Adjustment Application.

Costco's 5-year insurance is limited. The arrest warrant included, among other things:

  • Warranty covers traffic-related truck, electrical and car tire failures;
  • Crash damage, irreparable punctures and cuts render tires unusable.
  • Costco Wholesale Repairtread damageComply with American Tire Suppliers Association specifications;
  • The warranty covers road hazard-related tire damage due to residual tread;
  • The available profile is the original tire profile, less than 1.6 mm, about 2/32 inch;
  • Reimbursement is calculated by calculating the available profile based on the cost of the tire minus the incentive.

The warranty period is sixty months or five years until the date you purchase the tire or until the tread width reaches 1.6 mm or 2/32 inch, whichever comes first.

Costco is consideringworn out wheelsWhenever 1.6 mm and 3/21 inch profile thickness remain. His arrest warrant has expired.

Guarantee is a promise to provide assuranceprorated refundDown, and in some cases also buy a spare tire. This does not prove that the tires you purchased from Costco meet any particular specification or will not fail. This warranty does not alter or supersede any existing tire manufacturer's warranty regarding workmanship or materials.

Conditions That Do Not Cover Your Costco Tire Warranty

  • The tire was damaged in the accident.
  • The race resulted in tire damage.
  • The mechanical parts of the vehicle have been improperly modified, worn out or neglected.
  • Broken tires.
  • Industrial vehicle tires.
  • Wheels wear quickly or irregularly.
  • Tire damage caused by the installation of snow chains and studs.
  • Off-road tires.
  • When you are not the main owner of the tire.
  • To the extent permitted by law, inconvenience, reduced use of the vehicle, consequential damage or delay.

How does Costco's tire cost differ from tire prices at other tire retailers?

Here's some stats showing how much lower Costco's tire prices are than other tire retailers:


a fresh newMichelin Guardian LTX AwardIt's about $203.99 at Walmart. You must also specifyinstallation cost, averaging about $15 per wheel.Four wheels are $203.99, each wheel is $815.96. Consider the $60 setup fee.The total amount is $875.96. For more information on Walmart Tires, visitwalmart tire costand Walmart tire warranty.

Big O tire

At such a store, a freshly installed Michelin Defender LTX tire can run you about $226.25. The exact price for all four tires is $905.With a $60 tire installation fee, the total cost was $965.

american tires

A fresh pair of Michelin Defender LTX tires sells for $204 at America’s Tire, or $816 for four.The tire shop installs for about $80 plus a $10 handling fee. All told, that works out to $906.


A complete pair of genuine Michelin Defender LTX tires is $186.49 at Costco. Four wheels are $745.96. A tire installation costs $15, which includes the tire company's $2.99 ​​per tire repair fee.Installation is $71.96 for four tires. Your purchase cost is $817.92.

According to previous data, Costco's prices have exceeded the costs of three of its competitors:

Four new Michelin Defender LTX tires are $58.04 cheaper than $875.96 at Walmart.

Overall, the Big O tires retail for $965.96, while four new Michelin Defender LTX wheels can be purchased for $147.08.

Four new Michelin Defender LTX tires are $88.08 less than America's Tire's total price of $906.00.

These stats only show one thing: You can save a lot of money if you buy tires through Costco Wholesale.

Advantages of Costco tires

Buying tires from Costco offers you several advantages. It makes no difference if you shop at one or two local brick-and-mortar stores or online retailers.

Here are some key benefits of Costco tires:

1. Installation of special tires

Many tire repair shops will inflate your tires with regular compressed air before installing them. At Costco, you can get wheels for your purchaseNitrogen filledinstead of an air compressor. Nitrogen in tires is skyrocketing.

Nitrogen can stay inflated longer than an air-filled tire. This has a positive effect on the durability of the wheel.Nitrogen also improves a car's fuel efficiency. If you use nitrogen when charging, there will be less dripping into the wheels. This means less corrosion on the wheels.

Plus, every time you change a tire at the Costco tire store, a technician will replace the rubber stem. If you want a more custom arrangement, the team can install valve stems for tire pressure monitoring at an additional cost.

2. Free maintenance

When shopping for tires, you should be aware of warranty and maintenance costs. In addition to the 5-year road hazard insurance,Costco offers lifetime free serviceon the wheels you bought. This service includes on-site repairs,tire revolutions, tire pressure monitoring and tire positioning. This program allows customers to save a lot of money.

3. 5-year warranty against road hazards

When you buy tires from Costco, you get a standard 5-year road hazard warranty. You can leave the tire shop with a clear conscience knowing that your wheels are fully covered by this warranty.

This warranty requires Costco to repair or restore the wheel if the wheel has been legally damaged during riding. However, you must keep proof of purchase for the first tire. If you want insurance, you must bring this invoice to the tire dealer.

4. cheap

The average cost of four tires at Costco is $166. Several independent retailers are selling it for a slightly higher $167.Tirebuyer charges about $147 for a pack of 4 tires. Four tires run about $124 on Amazon.

While all four tires are less expensive at both online stores, they lack the extra lifetime maintenance that Costco offers tire customers. Fixed and rotating tires, as well as simple tire pressure checks, add to the overall cost of repairing or replacing tires.

Cons of Costco tires

While there are certain advantages to buying tires through Costco, you should consider the disadvantages. These will help you make more informed purchasing decisions. Here are some disadvantages:

1. There are hardly any cheapest tires

Of course, Costco's tires are pretty cheap. However, there are other online retailers where you can buy the same tires for less money. As mentioned earlier, while other retailers are cheaper, they lack the free tires for life that Costco offers its tire customers.

2. Poor service quality

Not all Costco tire stores do this, but they do have poor service. This question comes up every time a Costco customer orders Michelin tires. After a few months, the wheels were replaced normally. Costco gave them the support they deserved.

They waited a long time to get serviced and the tire shop misplaced the ignition key so they didn't get a reminder card. This leaves customers concerned about what kind of twist the tire factory is doing to their tires.

3. Utilize surplus inventory for repairs

Some marketers think Costco's tires are leftover inventory. According to experts, these tires experience the most damaging wear.

Find the perfect Costco deal

Costco has the highest tire prices in town. But you can still improve it if you keep an eye out for special offers. The tire shop sometimes offers special discounts on select tires. At different times of the year, they can knock $70 to $80 off some manufacturers' regular tire prices.

Plus, to sweeten the deal, your tire installation fee is one cent per tire. Keep an eye out for special offers that could save you a lot of money. You shouldn't be too picky about tire brands if you want to benefit from these unique promotional times.

Finally, the Costco tire warranty

Owners who buy tires from Costco get a 5-year warranty. This guarantee applies to both performance and passenger tires. This Warranty: Costco offers this service to protect its tire customers from punctures, including damage from tread wear. If a wheel is damaged during normal use of the vehicle, the company will repair or replace it.


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