Hell's Kitchen (Season 5, US) (2023)

American Sports Reality TV Season 5Hell's Kitchenstart atFox NetworkStarted January 29, 2009. The season ends on May 14, 2009.Gordon RamsayReturning as Head Chef and Sous ChefScott Leibfriedwith Gloria Felix and Maître d'Jean-Philippe Susilovic.

Chef Danny Veltri wins the series and lands a sous chef position at Stephen Kalt's Italian restaurantgroupexistBorgataexistAtlantic City, NJDanny also received a performance bonus of $250,000.[1]

This season has also seen an unusually large number of eliminations. One chef withdrew without being nominated, two due to medical issues and two while on duty. It's also the first time a chef has been eliminated from a winning team, which will become even more important in future seasons.

The first half of each episode consists of a team challenge where the winner is rewarded with some sort of diversion, while the loser has to clean and prep two kitchens, as well as some less enjoyable activities. The teams then compete to host a dinner where Ramsey can hand out extra penalties or kick the cook out of the kitchen. The losing team nominates a chef who is eligible for elimination. Ramsay can also nominate a chef and eventually send the chef home. When there are six chefs left, the teams merge into one and the chefs compete against each other as individuals.

The fifth season featured 16 chefs, initially split by gender.

Each week, the team member with the most defeats during the last service (as determined by Ramsay) is asked to nominate two teammates for elimination; one of these two will be sent home by Ramsay. Depending on the performance of the losing team (or even the winning team), the nomination process sometimes varies.

seasontitleoriginal broadcast dateAmerican audience
(million)491"16 Chefs Competition"January 29, 200910.86[2]

300 chefs from across the U.S. were welcomed for a new season of Hell's Kitchen, but only 16 were canceled, and Ramsay challenges them to cook him their signature dishes. The winner of this season will be the head chef of FornellettoBorgataexistAtlantic City.

Featured dishes: Half of chefs' dishes received positive or average ratings. Impressed by Carol's veal roulade, Ji's Chilean sea bass and Ben's pan-fried Peking duck, Ramsay praised Andrea, Coi and Paula's dishes as delicious and perfectly cooked. Will's rabbit dish and Robert's potato and white truffle-wrapped Chilean sea bass were also praised for their taste but criticized for their presentation and watery sauce, respectively. The rest of the dishes are bad reviews. Ramsay calls LA fish and chips "terrible" and spits out Colleen's smoky chicken enchiladas and Lacey's chicken blackberry dish (Ramsay also berates Colleen for telling him when he spits out she was also teaching him manners). He also calls Danny's grilled bananas "disgusting," thinks Charlie's comparison to a Ferris wheel is a joke, gives J's an "F," and berates Giovanni for not being able to cook rice. Seth's cinnamon-skinned lamb with eggplant ratatouille was also spat out and received the harshest criticism, with Ramsay threatening to wipe him out when Seth laughed.

before serving: Teams are told to name each other. The men called themselves "Blues Brothers," while the women originally called themselves "Team Saffron," but changed that to "Spice Racks" after a call from Ramsay. Charlie was required to shave before the service, and the men were outraged by Seth's lack of basic prep skills and his slow work. In the red kitchen, Lacey interrupts preparations because she feels overwhelmed and disrespected by the rest of her team, poorly prepares at the dessert station, and gets into an argument with Coi as a result, forcing Ramsay to defuse the situation.

Serve: Carol and Giovanni are chosen as waiters. In the blue kitchen, Giovanni struggled to be a waiter, repeatedly forgetting the order. Ben served raw spaghetti and Robert yelled at Ramsey when the ticket was announced, but they managed to accept the backfire and ensured the morsels were delivered at a steady pace. Unfortunately, Danny overcooks the scallops and talks to Ramsay after he scolds him, but Robert manages to calm him down and keep him focused. Seth serves raw lamb, cuts it up and tries to grill it again, and Will burns gnocchi when he's behind on the side dishes and needs help from Robert, Ben, Charlie and Seth. A power outage during service closed the kitchen, but Carroll took the opportunity to donate alcohol to customers. In the red kitchen, Lacey serves raw scallops while Colleen is scolded for giving unnecessary instructions to the other chefs. She unnecessarily put mascarpone cheese in a lobster pasta, cooked too much pasta at one time, put another pasta in a dirty pan, accidentally put risotto Adding sugar instead of salt further angered Ramsay. After customers started leaving the restaurant, Ramsay closed both kitchens. Carroll gets an 88% above average customer rating, while Giovanni gets a 90% below average rating, and Ramsey calls Giovanni "the worst waiter in the history of Hell's Kitchen," so the women win .

eliminate: Seth and Will are nominated. While everyone was fed up with Seth's incompetence, immature behavior and lack of basics and wanted him to go, Ramsey eliminated Will for nominating himself, Seth's lack of passion, and the stand at Gaensh underperformed.

Will's comment: "I took the risk of nominating myself. I screwed up tonight, plain and simple. It was very, very frustrating to get the first shot. I was very humbled in that moment."

Ramsay's review: "I find it odd that Will doesn't even have the will to succeed. He clearly doesn't belong in Hell's Kitchen." 502"15 Chefs Competing"February 5, 20097.71[3]

team challenge: Attendees were woken by a brass band early in the morning and greeted outside by Ramsay and two piles of trash bags containing food discarded from last night's service. Instead of rummaging through the trash, Ramsey ordered the contestants to scoop up scallops from two large bins, take them to the kitchen, and shell as many as they could in fifteen minutes. Ramsey chose Andrea to balance the two teams. The woman left first. Carol gets 8 points, Paula gets 1 point, Coi gets 6 points, and Colleen gets 5 points. After the women's total score of 35 points, Ji and Lacey scored 8 points, 4 points and three points respectively, and the latter caused Lacey to fall into an uproar. For the men, Ben scored just three goals, Danny nine and Giovanni an impressive 13 in his 15 scallops. Robert scored five points, Charlie had just two and Seth scored three to make it 35. And finally J. His first five scallops were rejected, but his sixth - and final - folded and gave the man the win.

reward/punishment: These people flew there by helicoptercatalina island, but due to his weight, Robert had to take the ferry. During a submarine trip, Seth demonstrates a level of knowledge of Gordon's private life that the boys jokingly think Seth is stalking him. When Robert finally arrived and missed the day's activities due to the long distance, it was time for the group to return. Meanwhile, the women spent the day preparing araw material stickFor night service. Lacey returned to her bunk in tears after being called out by Ramsay for her poor performance (even though Paula had the worst performance in the women's competition). Ji tries to convince Lacey to calm down her anger, but to no avail. After arguing with Carol about her behaviour, Lacey claimed she was sick, lying in bed, and did not appear in the kitchen until six hours into her sentence.

Serve: Just thirty minutes before the worship began, Ji injured her ankle after slipping on some oil, preventing her from attending, but after treatment, she announced to Ramsay that she would attend the worship. Robert and Paula work as servers at Rohbar. Robert's kindness impressed Jean-Philippe and the customers. Charlie undercooked and underseasoned the risotto, and Ramsay was surprised when he admitted that he had never made risotto before. Ben rescues Charlie with his back, only to have Charlie and Seth serve spaghetti without lobster. Ramsay was unhappy with Giovanni's undercooked salmon, but thanks to Danny's meat dishes, the men continued to offer entrees on a regular basis. In the red kitchen, Carol, overwhelmed with appetizers, makes a risotto that sticks to the pan, but thanks to Andrea taking control of the station, the red team makes an acceptable appetizer. Unfortunately, Colleen burnt three scallop orders, so Ramsay asked Lacey to show her how to cook them. Colleen later burned the outside of a salmon while the inside was raw, while also forgetting about John Dory on the same ticket. This caused Ramsay to angrily question her qualifications as a culinary instructor, and when she seared two more servings of salmon, Ramsay demoted her to the raw bar and had Lacey replace her at the fish station while Paula helped Coi with the meat. After that it rose again. Ji's injury has been bothering her, although she still performed well. To make things even more interesting at the end, Ramsey called up both teams and announced whoever served first was the winner. The two go head-to-head until Carroll brings the female to a plate that everyone else has prepared, allowing the male to win.

eliminate: Colleen and Lacey are nominated. In the deleted scene from the DVD release, the others try to convince Carol to nominate herself instead of Colleen, hoping to secure Lacey's exit, even though she thinks Colleen is her worst cook, Carol is afraid of being eliminated because it will cost their team The price wins. After Colleen and Lacey made pleas, Ji, who is confined to a wheelchair due to injuries, told Ramsay she wanted out of the game. Ramsay complied with Ji's request and allowed her to leave, narrowly saving Colleen and Lacey from elimination. He then personally praised Ji for her dedication and "extraordinary" performance, while allowing her to keep her jacket as a show of bravery (this was the first time Ramsey asked a contestant to keep her jacket, which was later the case become more common). season). After a tearful goodbye to her teammates, Andrea wheeled her out of Hell's Kitchen, and the men gave her a final ovation for her tough performance. Although she withdrew due to injury, unlike Vanessa Gunnell in season four, her picture was burned.

oops comment: "I know I can make it to the end. Leaving with an injury sucks. I'd rather leave for a lack of skill or something, you know? Maybe it just shouldn't be." Yes. "

Ramsay's review: "Ji showed great courage. Unfortunately, her injury hindered her dream. She has a chance to win that match, but unfortunately we will never know." 513"14 Chefs Competing"February 19, 20096.57[4]

team challenge: At 6 a.m. the next morning, both teams were woken by sous-chef Scott and Gloria's cow bells and taken to a meatpacking plant, where Scott showed attendees How the meat was slaughtered and which parts of the cow were processed to produce certain parts. Back in the kitchen, the team was challenged to correctly label the multiple cuts of meat and then place the tags identifying those cuts in the correct location on the color-coded cow figurine. J and Colleen got their teams off to a good start with five of eight correct cuts on their respective statues, but then Seth and Lacey inflicted major setbacks on their teams, effectively forcing both teams to restart. start. Ben finally marked all the cuts correctly, giving these guys their second consecutive Challenger Championship win. Paula successfully completed both parts of the women's challenge but was beaten by the men both times.

reward/punishment: Men fly to Sunstone WinerySanta Ynez, California, where they had a wine tasting followed by a steak dinner. After dragging two large cuts of beef into the kitchen, the women stayed behind to slaughter them. In addition, Scott prepared lunch for them, includinginternal organs, which caused Lacey to vomit and set off a chain reaction, LA and Andrea frowning while the others plugged their ears. Andrea, who was clearly hurt by the disgusting meal and repeatedly vomited as a result, desperately asked the women to promise to stick together and work harder to avoid future punishment.

Serve: Hell's Kitchen opened its first-ever "steakhouse" service, split into two two-hour shifts, with one team cooking and the other serving and vice versa. Robert was determined to provide excellent service as it coincided with his wedding. On the first shift, Ben misunderstands Ramsay's order and prepares six desserts before the main course arrives, while Charlie struggles to keep up with the fish station, unaware that his cooking towel is on fire and Scott must Don't let it go. Despite being the steakhouse chef, Giovanni sent several steaks back as undercooked or overcooked and ended up running out of fillets. When asked to cut more, Seth overcuts a fillet, wasting a lot of meat in the process, and unsuccessfully tries to hide the remaining meat from Ramsay. The red team was slow to place orders to the kitchen, especially Lacey, who had to return some appetizers because she didn't tell diners what was on them, and forgot to order appetizers from some of her tables. Ramsey made the first shift four minutes after Giovanni announced he was on New York Avenue as their time limit expired. During the second shift, Colleen forgot the appetizer and Coi served raw shrimp, but since all of Andrea's steaks were Ramsay-approved, the main course went well. Ben, Seth and Giovanni still took some steaks back to the kitchen, but Ramsay confirmed they were all cooked correctly as requested and accused the men of deliberately writing fake tickets to undermine women, something Seth admitted to confessing in an interview. Charlie forgets which tables he ordered at and throws the food on one table. The ladies were just three tables short of the time limit for serving because Carroll mistakenly prepared two New York steaks instead of two filet mignon. However, they were declared the winners as they filled more tables. Charlie and Lacey were voted the worst waiters on the customer review card.

eliminate: Seth and Charlie are nominated. Despite Seth horribly shredding the filet mignon, falsely accusing J of lying about the nominee, and irritating Ramsay and his teammates with an overly long plea, Charley's failure to make progress on three serve and being eliminated as the weakest player of the night.

Charlie's Comments: "This is the first job I've ever been fired from. Chef Ramsay made the wrong decision. I did what I could and worked my ass off for that guy. I was confident in my abilities and if he It did..." "I don't understand, it's his own crime.

Ramsay's review: "Charlie is a prep cook, but I'm looking for a master chef. He seems like a nice guy, but you know what happens to nice guys." 524"13 Chefs Competing"February 26, 20099.9[5]

team challenge: Both teams prepared a special breakfast service for 100 young soccer players and cheerleaders. Colleen gets distracted by the cheerleaders, forcing Ramsay to send her back to her seat while Coi burns a few pancakes. The men had an early lead, but lost the bet after Seth stumbled upon scrambled eggs, which he claimed were inspired by one of Ramsay's recipes. This gave the women's team their first challenge win of the season. Ben and Danny later had a heated argument in the dorm after Danny boasted that he was the strongest cook on the boys team.

reward/punishment: Ladies spend the day at the poolBeverly Wilshire HotelThe boys faced the daunting task of cleaning the dining room and kitchen and getting ready for today's service. However, when Danny and Robert plan to get Ben out, the women return and they can't finish the red kitchen preparations.

Serve: The ladies are missing tomato butter sauce, which should have been made while the gentlemen were preparing it; Ramsay suspects sabotage, especially since the sauce Ben gave them was too salty, causing Danny to correctly prepare a new one. Giovanni hesitates in the pasta water, and J leaves lettuce stubs in the Caesar salad, which irritates Ramsay. Ben cuts the lamb chops too thin, and Ramsay threatens to throw Danny out because Danny doesn't answer when asked when it's time for mashed potatoes. Seth proved to be the worst performer of the night as he undercooked the scallops, didn't pay attention when Ramsay yelled a parking ticket, and was then caught wiping the pan with the same dirty cloth he used to wipe his face. In the red kitchen, Coi cooked the noodles before ordering, cooked two lobster spaghetti, also without lobster, and dropped a pan with a spare. LA and Colleen clashed at the meat station, sent ill-fitting wellies, and later sent too many wellies. Ramsey eventually had enough, declared both teams a loser, and then left it up to each team to decide on the two candidates.

eliminate: Before asking about the nominees, Ramsay shows Sarah to J, expecting him to be nominated, even though Danny reveals that Seth and Ben are the nominees. When Lacey announced that the nominees were Colleen and herself, Ramsay was shocked that Coi wasn't nominated (she actually tried to nominate herself, but Carol convinced the other women to nominate Lacey instead), but accepted Lacey anyway because Coi they Openly admit that they have flaws. Ramsay eliminated Seth, much to the relief of the men, as he had been underperforming.

Seth's comment: "My skills and abilities are definitely behind. Not my confidence, not my passion, not my love of food. You know what, Chef Ramsay decided it was my turn to go home and I hope he welcomes this Competition." New York, when I opened the restaurant.

team changes: Lacey was transferred to the men's team to balance the numbers after most of the women made it clear they didn't want to continue working with her.

Ramsay's review: "Seth has shown he has all the zest in the world, but most of all he's a garbage cook." 535"12 Chefs Competition"March 5, 20099.71[6]

team challenge: Both teams visited an Asian supermarket, where they bought ingredients for Asian fusion dishes in just 25 minutes and $100. Mandatory ingredients include one type of seafood, poultry and meat, and both teams are given an hour to prepare the dish. Each dish is created and certified by Chef RamsayepicEditor-in-Chief Tanya Steel. Blue teams score on poultry, while red teams score on seafood. RED's beef dish is spiced, while BLU's beef is undercooked. In a tough decision, Tanya gave the red team the winning point.

reward/punishment: The red team's winning dish appears on the Epicurious website. The women also took part in a sumo match in oversized sumo suits, with Ramsay beating Jean-Philippe before entertaining everyone with sake. The Blue Team makes fortune cookies and origami for worship tonight. Lacey irritated her new teammates from the start, but won them back with her work on origami.

Serve: In addition to the regulars, the evening's guests included a group of sumo wrestlers who each ordered a serving of everything on the menu; Ramsay split it up in the middle of the kitchen. Both teams got off to a strong start with appetizers, with Giovanni and LA's risotto rounding out the team, while Lacey's stellar side dish was a surprise lead for the blue team, but the meat offerings on both sides were disappointing. In trouble: J gets turned off for undercooked Wellington and chicken then forgets to order lamb on later ticket, while Ramsay finds pile of charred wellies hidden under Andrea's station; Andrea then overwhelmed , giving Carol inconsistent timings while fishing. In addition, Colleen was scolded for leaving the oven door open with rubber boots inside. Robert wasted a lot of food while preparing dishes because he didn't want to ingest anything when he felt there wasn't enough, and he further angered Ramsay when he repeatedly called him "Bobby." When Colleen's pie was served raw with pears and batter, Ramsay shut down the kitchen, saying it was their worst performance yet. In a private meeting after the funeral, Robert explained he didn't respond to "Bobby" because that was his abusive father's name and it brought back painful memories from his childhood. Ramsay apologized and replied that he would respect Robert's wishes, adding that if he had known about it in advance it would not have happened. Giovanni and LA were selected as the worst of their teams and given the task of selecting a man for elimination, although Lacey was also praised for his leadership and performance .

eliminate: Giovanni nominated J and LA chose Andrea. Ramsay appeared to nominate Robert, but Giovanni argued that Robert recovered from his mistakes better than J. Ramsay that night. Ramsay accepted the nominees but ultimately let them go, instead eliminating them because Colleen hadn't served well, but praised their tenacity and struggle and told it to ask other participants to follow suit.

Colleen's Comments: "Chef Ramsay and Hell's Kitchen made me a better person. It made me a better person. It made me a better mom. It made me a better cook. It made me a better person." Will make me a better teacher. I hope one day he will be cooking in my culinary school.

Ramsay's review: "There's nowhere in the kitchen that Colleen can trust that she's not a disaster. It's time for her to go back to where she belongs: teaching, because she sure can't cook." 546"11 Chefs Competition"March 12, 20097.71[7]

team challenge: Hell's Kitchen will host aBar MizwaIt was the first time, much to the delight of Ben, who is Jewish. For the team challenge, the chefs had to create gourmet versions of chicken soup, brisket and burgers, favorite meals of young guest of honor Max Reuben. Giovanni beat Andrea in soup, while LA beat Ben in brisket. Max likes burgers from Robert's and Carol's, but only chooses Robert's because he doesn't like blue cheese (the team had warned Carol earlier), giving the blue team a 2-1 win.

reward/punishment: The blue team was treated to a day at the Skin Haven spa, while the red team had to set up a basketball court and dance floor in the restaurant, while flamboyant host Francesco was brought back to Hell's Kitchen for round three. Jean-Philippe was very annoyed and contemptuous. Carol and Andrea abuse each other throughout the sentence.

Serve: Andrea didn't put enough mushrooms in her risotto, but got back on track quickly. The women were then called to the restaurant for the second part of their punishment, during which they held Max on a chair during the Hora dance before returning to the kitchen. Max's entrees will be served first as Ramsay ordered, but Coi has a problem with the burgers; she initially offers them nonchalantly due to LA's suggestion, and then when the rest of her team before she can offer acceptable help She was overwhelmed as her station was flooded. However, she then served an undersized brisket, and LA's help proved largely ineffective. In the blue kitchen, Lacey struggles to reheat a brisket and clashes with her team, J forgets to serve a salad with no dressing, Ramsay criticizes Danny for putting food on dirty plates, and Danny Argued that the plates got dirty along the way. In the restaurant, Francesco serves Max a cake, but it falls when it hits Jean-Philippe, angering the latter. In the end, both teams had served, and Ramsey gave Max a special surprise:harlem globetrottersDuring the cleanup, Carroll said she wanted to punch Andrea in the throat, then insisted she made the remark as a joke because Andrea called her over on the patio during the deliberation. The blue team won by virtue of the stability of the serve.

eliminate: Andrea was voted the best of the worst, much to the dismay and confusion of her team. After much wrestling, she quickly nominated LA and Coi at the urging of Ramsay. As planned, they join Carol to announce that Andrea is the worst. Paula voted for Coi, which caused Ramsay to eliminate Coi for her mistake at the meat station, though he praised her attitude.

next to Kommentar: "I think Andrea should be here by now. I'm annoyed she hasn't been considered the worst. I don't think I should be coming home."

Ramsay's review: "When the competition started, I thought Coi was going to be a really good cook. But tonight she couldn't cook a damn burger, so she was exposed." 557"10 Chefs Competition"March 19, 20097.54[8]

team changes: Before the start of the challenge, Ramsay transferred Giovanni to the red team, and Lacey was transferred to the blue team, reducing two members.

team challenge: After trying six different salmon tapas at one of Ramsay's restaurants, chefs had 20 minutes to prepare their own tapas using leftovers from a previous service, as teams competed against each other. Both Paula's and Danny's scored for their red meat dishes, but neither Lacey's nor LA's. Robert slapped Carol in the face when Carol mistook it for soy sauce, but Andrea's wonton dish was better than J's lobster soup, which Ramsay thought was too simple. Giovanni's surf and grass won the red team's challenge, after which he urged his new team-mates to put aside their differences and work together in the name of a successful serve.

reward/punishment: Red team visitHollywood ParkWatch a day of horse racing with Ramsay. The blue team prepared both kitchens for the evening's service, then unloaded and cleaned the small plates of snacks. During the prep, Lacey kept complaining about the workload and arguing with her team, leaving the kitchen and threatening to stop until Ben talked her out of it.

Serve: Carol serves overcooked risotto, then reveals that J overcooked both teams' rice during prep, rendering the rice inedible and forcing Ramsay to remove risotto from the evening's menu. J subsequently delivered raw and charred salmon dishes to the gate several times. When he finally got an acceptable portion, he forgot to take the sauce down the aisle, forcing Ramsay to warn him behind closed doors, only to be eliminated on the spot after the scallops were overcooked. Ben lags behind with his wellies and serves it up cold, slowly bringing up the sauce. He then threatened to be kicked out, even though J had already left, because he nearly burned the embers on the dirty dishes. Andrea and Carol were forced to eat the undercooked pasta appetizers they sent back while blaming each other while LA became unresponsive, cooked too much John Dory at once and didn't bring enough sauce while they blamed each other Ramsay was annoyed when she called her a "stupid bull". Nevertheless, both teams completed their tees, with the red team taking the lead thanks to Giovanni's lead and Paula's excellent performance on the meat, earning high praise from Ramsay , especially as he thinks it's the best Wellington Hell's Kitchen has ever had. Carol and Andrea continue their feud after the ceremony, and Paula and Giovanni soon tire of arguing.

Automatic elimination: After J overcooked both teams' entire rice during prep, battling salmon and overcooked scallops, an angry Ramsey knocked him out on the spot, becoming the second player after Season 3's Josh in a tee process eliminated players. , J still has the usual scene of wall chart burning.

i am like: "I guess I don't belong here, so I'm going home. I'm here for a reason, it's my son and my wife. So of course I'm disappointed. When I came to Hell's Kitchen, my The dream is to win. So now it's time to move on and get my own restaurant off the ground. You know, I don't need Chef Ramsay's opinion anymore. I have her but it's time for J Maxwell to do his own thing .

eliminate: Ramsay asks the blue team about someone they no longer want. The men choose Lacey, and Robert chooses Lacey, because of a heated exchange on the terrace, during which Robert sarcastically says that if she does win, he'll be a whore. While the men lost respect for Lacey as she nearly pulled out of the prep, Ramsay challenged Ben not to nominate herself. Ben admitted he was the weakest player of the night (besides J, who had already been eliminated); Ramsay eventually spared him and Lacey, as J's mistake buried Blue Kitchen from the start of service.

Ramsay's review: "I kept Ben and Lacey because J was embarrassing the kitchen so they didn't stand a chance. You're lucky I sent J away." 568"9 Chefs Competition"March 26, 2009October 13th[9]

team challenge: After fooling the chef with a beef and scallop tartar that was actually made with tuna and sea bass, Ramsay took on the blind test challenge. Los Angeles surprised Ramsey and her teammates by quickly agreeing not to play to tie the game. Ben beat Andrea 3-2, with Roberto and Giovanni both goalless, before the Reds rallied and Carroll beat Lacey 3-1. Paula and Danny enter the competition again, tasked with identifying the ingredients in Ramsay's minestrone recipe. Danny got the first three ingredients quickly, but Paula recovered to nail the last three and help the Reds win 8-7.

reward/punishment: The red team is healed to aTV showThe photoshoot is in the restaurant, and the BLU team must prepare two kitchens for the evening service, in addition to preparing lunch and appetizers for the RED team. During the filming, Ben accidentally spilled champagne after being frightened by the flashlight, teasing the red team.

Serve: including actors presentEric McCormackSitting in the blue dining room,robert patrickIn the red dining room. Paula made the rare mistake of taking the savory risotto on the pass, but was able to make up for it with a substitution. Robert cooks too much pasta, but gets an appetizer with Ben's help. However, the blue team is thwarted by the hapless Lacey, who panics over the meat and doesn't know when the protein will be ready. After Lacey's pan catches fire, Ramsay pulls her aside to get her head back into the game. When Lacey's lamb chops for McCormack's table were too thin, Ramsay eliminated them immediately, just a week after eliminating JC. Despite not being a member for the second year in a row, Team Blue rallied and managed the service with just three chefs. The red team, on the other hand, struggled throughout due to Carol's indecision and lack of communication at the meat station, causing Andrea to overcook their John Dory and LA to keep re-cooking their side dishes. Carroll also had the lamb brought back from the restaurant because it was undercooked, while L.A. served cold lumpy potatoes, which Ramsey described as "half awake". With the blue team completing the tee and the red team still a long way from completing the tee as Carroll fell behind with Wellington and Kiki, Ramsey shut down the red kitchen and claimed two nominations, while also praising Teamwork for the blue team.

Automatic elimination: Lacey's problems at the meat station continue as she keeps complaining about not being able to cook the meat. Ramsay took her to the storage room and warned her that she had had enough. When she finally gave birth to the lamb, it was sliced ​​too thin, so Ramsay got rid of her in the first place, and she didn't care about it. She was told to say goodbye, but her team mostly didn't respond and were relieved that Lacey was gone.

Lacey's Comments: "On the one hand, it's a relief. I can go back to my normal life. But, you know, there's another part of me that wants to stay and learn more and have a chance to win, but unfortunately I screwed up tonight Now, I can only look back at the positives, and for me, there aren't many positives. You know, when I got here, my mom told me, "Don't make enemies," and that was the first thing I did and have been doing it the entire time I've been here. Sorry Mom, I should have listened.

eliminate: The women unanimously approved Carroll's nomination but clashed over a second nomination. LA and Carol chose Andrea, but the others chose LA, so Ramsay ordered LA, Carol, and Andrea to step forward. Ramsey knocked out Los Angeles because he didn't really stand out in any service or show leadership. Aside from the autopsy, Ramsey didn't comment on Lacey's departure, but early in episode 14, both she and Los Angeles burned, their jackets hooked at the same time.

Mold Exhibition: "I definitely think Chef Ramsay made the wrong decision. Everything I did there was the best I could. It was very important to me not to show any emotion in the kitchen. Emotions are weak , I will never be weak, never will be."

Ramsay's review: "L.A. is a real workhorse in the kitchen. I kicked her out of Hell's Kitchen because she lacked two essential skills to be a great chef—leadership and creativity." 579"7 Chefs Competition"2. April 20096,95[10]

team challenge: The team uses red king crab as the main ingredient to create unique dishes; one dish from each team is given to Chef Ramsay as a crab special. The blue team chooses Ben's dish (to the disdain of Danny), while the red team clashes between Andreas' and Paula's dishes and ends up choosing the former. Ramsay is not interested in Andrea's or Ben's dishes, but asks for Paula's and Danny's dishes. Both dishes fared much better than Ben and Andrea's, with the blue team winning a very close final.

reward/punishment: BLU team departsSanta Monica State BeachAfter a fun-filled day at the beach with Ramsay, they rode Segways, followed by a lobster lunch at a seafood restaurant. Robert was forced to ride the bike and again his weight was affected. The red team cleaned the dormitories of both teams and cooked all the red king crabs.

Serve: For this service, the team was asked to create their own menu for the evening. Ben sticks to pomme fondant, which Danny and Robert have no idea or interest in, but they think is fine anyway, while Carol sticks to potato dauphinoise, which she claims never goes wrong. Dinner service was terrible for both teams; Carol brought the kitchen to a complete standstill because she didn't realize her potatoes needed to be cooked before serving, overloading the entire kitchen while she tried to cook them. to no avail. After discovering that she was trying to cook it with cream, Ramsay threw out the entire portion, prompting the team to switch to sautéed potatoes. Giovanni sent back his carpaccio for being under seasoned, but the same guest tried to bring his second unseasoned carpaccio to the pass and whistled to get Ram who insulted her Qi (Ramsay) attention, sent her back to the seat. Carol continued to agonize over the fact that her steak was undercooked at the meat station. In the blue kitchen, Ben serves over-salted soup and discusses the proper fondant recipe with Ramsay. Robert served three steaks of different sizes, but forgot to prepare a table of halibut, which made Ben think that Robert could not keep up with the speed of the kitchen. After Carroll sent another steak back for being undercooked, Ramsay ordered both kitchens closed. Although the red and blue menus flopped, Ramsey picked a winner based on customer reviews. The red team even won with a mediocre customer satisfaction rate of 54%, which is still much better than the blue team's 39%.

eliminate: Danny was voted Worst Best because he made no mistakes that night and picked Ben, while Ramsey also nominated Robert. However, Ramsay knocked out Carol for giving up during service and sabotaging her team by putting the potato dish on the menu and undercooking it multiple times. Carol was the first chef to be eliminated from the line to win the dinner.

Carol's comment: "I come here with the attitude that I'm going to win this game, that I'm going to be the famous chef everyone wants to work for. It's a shame to stand here as a loser."

Ramsay's review: "Carol knows she's overwhelmed in Hell's Kitchen. I just let them out of pain." 5810"Competition of 6 Chefs"9. April 20097.54[11]

Ramsay challenged Danny and Paula to pick who they believed to be the weakest on the team, and they chose Andrea and Ben. Andrea and Ben were called out and told to take off their jackets, thinking they were going to be eliminated, but in reality they were told everyone would be competing as a team.

team challenge: In the first personal challenge, each chef cooks a dish with 14 specific ingredients, including chicken, pasta and wine. Ramsay thinks all dishes are delicious, but he highlights Ben and Danny's dishes, with Ben's being the best. Ben is then told to choose a friend for the reward - he chooses Robert, to the ire of Danny who eats the second best dish.

reward/punishment: Ben travels to San Francisco with Ramsay and Robert and they dine at the hotel's exclusive Chef's TablemarketDining room. Others are picking up goods all day. In the end, Giovanni had enough of breaking the water bottle tank and having to chase a fishing cart for losing two lobsters, only to find out later that the sequence was correct after all. He also gets into an argument with Paula, who tries to calm him down.

Serve: Dinner was a complete disaster. Paula loved the starter but Robert overcooked the scallops and cooked John Dory and bacon in the same pan. Giovanni was scolded for repeatedly turning the oven on and off, and Ben's dish was undercooked. He also struggled to communicate properly with Andrea and Robert about side dishes and fish, and retorted to Ramsay that he was being called "Dickface" after he again misprepared Ben's dish, leading to an incident between the two fierce conflict. Giovanni later left a hot pan in the freezer to cool, only to burn his hand as Robert picked it up and walked off the line without telling anyone. Robert did not serve for a long time after suffering second-degree burns. Andrea prematurely cooked potatoes in a cold pan and threw them away instead of storing them. She was then kicked out for failing to repeat the order multiple times. She is nearly knocked out, but having Philip encourage her to stay and fight back, Ramsay allows her to return to the kitchen. Ramsay puts Ben and Giovanni on the meat station, but Ben puts it back in the oven after realizing the chicken pieces are undercooked and therefore dry. The service ended early after Andrea's pan caught fire and Ramsay left the kitchen in disgust.

eliminate: Paula was voted "Best of Worst," with Giovanni and Andrea nominated. Although Andrea was the worst performer of the night, Ramsey eliminated Giovanni due to an altercation on serve. The scene where Giovanni hangs his clothes and burns his photographs appears in the synopsis at the beginning of episode 14.

Giovanni's comment: "I wanted the challenge, and I did. I got the challenge. I learned some great things, and I did some great things that I never thought possible. I worked in a kitchen and there were a lot of great things people.” I’m going to take something from everyone here. I learn from each of them. So I'll take it and move on. Yes, of course I want to win. I'm not going to lie and say, "Hey, it's just a challenge." I want to win, but it's not like I can do better than I do. I try to do my best, but it's not good enough. It's that easy. "

turn off: At 2:14 a.m., Ramsay called the remaining chefs into the kitchen and announced that Hell's Kitchen would be closing due to the night's service and his displeasure with the final five. 5911"5 Chefs Competition"16. April 20098.11[12]

Continuing from the previous episode, Ramsay informs the Final Five that he's not closing Hell's Kitchen permanently. Instead, participants were flown to the Borgata Hotel and Casino on a multi-day trip to learn about their possible future job locations. After visiting the hotel, they had dinner with the vice president of gastronomy at the Borgata Hotel. Robert left the table a few minutes later complaining of chest pains. He was sent to the hospital for observation and examination.

withdrawal: After several days of waiting, Robert returned to Hell's Kitchen. he reported that he didPericarditisAnd announced that he would leave Hell's Kitchen due to his physical condition. Robert was asked to say goodbye to the final four and they were emotional as he left before Ramsey commented that Robert had a real chance of winning. Unlike Ji in Episode 2, Robert Ramsay had to return his jacket, but his photo was burned in Episode 2.[e]

Robert's comment: "I knew I was going to play as an underdog. I knew I had to fight and fight for my top. I don't regret it one bit. I'm proud of every single day that I'm here. I'm proud. "I was able to work with one of the best chefs in the world. I am leaving Hell's Kitchen so that my health can support my family and my business. I feel like I've won. "

challenge: After a visit to the Borgata, each of the final four revealed the signature dishes they would serve at their restaurants if they won Hell's Kitchen. Danny's dishes have been praised for their taste but criticized for their appearance. Andrea's tuna dish, like Paula's, was generally well-received despite concerns about overcooking. Meanwhile, Ben's dish was praised for its presentation but received the harshest criticism for leaving the tails on the prawns. Ramsey eventually declared Andrea the winner.

reward/punishment: Andrea gets a one-time immunity before the next elimination. In addition, she may rule that a nominee be eliminated unless there is a specific "best of the best" or "worst of the best" after the next service. No punishment was imposed. However, Ben, Danny, and Paula are upset because Andrea offers a dish that barely cooks, and which they've always thought was better, but will last longer than either of them.

Serve: Before the service, Ramsay reminded Andrea of ​​her immunity and instructed her to use it to perform well. Still, Andrea had problems with the fish table, the scallops were undercooked or overcooked, and refused to cook on full heat. Ben struggled with side dishes and forgot several orders before cold carrot puree was delivered. He was temporarily released due to workplace clutter, but has since recovered. Paula did a great job at the meat station, only to be criticized for not delivering wellies when Andrea was eating salmon for four minutes. When Andrea ships back a raw salmon that John Dory also undercooks, Danny is asked to step in to help her, much to his chagrin. Ramsay asked the team to choose two candidates between Ben, Danny and Paula.

eliminate: The team nominated Ben and Paula, but admitted that if Andrea wasn't safe, she would be nominated. However, after briefly hearing from Paula, Ramsay immediately sent her back to the queue, prompting Andrea to come forward. Because of Andrea's immunity, Ramsay decides not to eliminate anyone. He pointed out that if Andrea hadn't won the challenge and received immunity, she would have been eliminated. Robert's photo was burned at the end of the episode, although his jacket was not on a coat hook. 6012"4 Chefs Competition"April 23, 20096,80[13]

challenge: Chefs had to recreate Ramsay's fish stew based solely on taste. Andrea came last for mistaking halibut for red snapper and scallops for scallops, while Ben came third for adding too much saffron. Danny is declared the winner over Paula for correctly using dashi instead of water.

reward/punishment: Danny accompanies Ramsay on flights in different biplanes. Paula, Ben and Andrea polished all the crystals, shampooed all the carpets and got ready for worship that night.

Serve: To motivate cooks before serving, Ramsay gave each chef in the dorm a set of his brand of stainless steel cookware. Service was mostly smooth, but Ben cooked the pasta in non-boiling water and added croutons to the "regular" salad for a vegetarian dinner. Danny was slow to communicate while decorating, but recovered when Andrea burned his rubber boots. A customer told Jean-Philippe that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend. He gave the ring to Jean-Philippe, and Jean-Philippe gave it to Ramsay. Wedding rings are placed on top of the dessert and the words: "Will you marry me?" are written on a plate and presented to the couple. The girl accepted the proposal, and the restaurant burst into applause. Ramsay presented the girl with a rose and congratulated the couple himself. The service was going well until Andrea lost two pairs of rubber boots. To do this, Danny and Paula had to take the rubber boots out of the storage room and prepare them from scratch, which took another 15 minutes. This left Ramsey quite disappointed with the second half of his serve, which was by far his strongest. He challenged the chefs to nominate a candidate for elimination.

eliminate: The chef is split between Andrea and Ben, so Ramsay calls them both down. Because of Ben's vicious cycle, Ramsay eliminated him. Before leaving, Ramsay had some encouraging words for him, telling him that his energy, attitude, and hard work were outstanding in Hell's Kitchen, and telling him to keep those good qualities. While no official reason for Ben's departure was given, he did go through his full elimination sequence in the synopsis.

Ben is like: "After retiring from Hell's Kitchen, I didn't leave distraught, I didn't leave distraught. I left feeling what an incredible experience the whole thing was. Private jets and helicopters, being in San Francisco with chefs Going into dinner, I definitely tasted the sweetness of this game. You know it's sad to leave, you know, sad because I had to go like this, and of course sad because I left at the time. But I will live to fight another day." 6113"Three chefs competing"April 30, 20096,84[14]

Earlier, Chef Ramsay announced that he would have a surprise for the three remaining contestants. That surprise was a visit from Paula's mother and sister, Andrea's cousin and mother, and Danny's friend and father.

challenge: Each chef has 90 minutes to prepare dishes for 100 guests—all of the best chefs in Los Angeles. Each guest will also decide which dish is the best and which is the worst. Danny's Greenland halibut was the worst for 76% of the chefs surveyed, while 76% thought Paula's poached sturgeon dish was the best. Andrea is surprised by Danny's low mood after the challenge.

reward/punishment: Paula got a special makeover. The next morning she and Ramsay performed liveKTTV'Sgood day los angeles. Andrea and Danny stay to deep clean dining area, do laundry and caretakergood day los angelesA clip of them being surprised by Paula's performance.

Serve: In this service, as in previous seasons, individual chefs take turns while Scott and Gloria deliberately introduce errors into the dishes so they can identify them. Paula initially struggled, fumbling to order until it was served with pumpkin puree instead of carrot, but she recovered and found spinach soup instead of watercress. Danny gets off to a particularly bad start with the pass; his voice is hoarse when he calls out orders, and he has trouble making out Gloria's raw potatoes. Andrea showed a fairly good performance during the passing period, finding various shortcomings and remaining mistakes and so on. After failing to get Scott to substitute halibut for John Dory, she proceeded to annoy her team with her incessant yelling and quibbling, returning some dishes to sous chef Scott, who Very upset (at one point he even expressed a wish). shows "Slap her in the face"). Overall, the service was very successful with no major errors or returns. Later that night, Ramsay asked him what was different, and after a few panicked replies, Ramsay pointed out that it was the first time he had smiled this season (short of the post-challenge reward he shared, of course).

eliminate: Each contestant chooses who should leave Hell's Kitchen. Danny and Paula choose Andrea, and Andrea chooses Danny. Paula was glad she wasn't picked by her teammates, but noted that she would have the deciding vote as a result. Ramsey eliminated Andrea, Paula and Danny advanced to the final. Like Lacey, Giovanni, Robert and Ben, Ramsay did not say why Andrea was eliminated and praised her tenacity and skill as a cook, calling her a "stalwart fighter" and telling her She will do well in her career. Andrea's coat hook and burning photos appear in the retelling episode instead of this one.

Andrea's comment: "Hell's Kitchen has been an intense journey for me. I gave everything I could. I've definitely had some bad moments. But that's life. It's about figuring out who you are and what you can take How much, how much you've grown. I came, I raced, I gave my best, and as far as I'm concerned, I took home the bronze medal. I left with no bitter taste in my mouth. I left with no regrets at all." 6214"2 Chefs Competing"7. May 20096,50[15]

Revise: As in previous seasons, Hell's Kitchen is divided into two restaurants, with each contestant taking their side and deciding the menu and decor. As Danny and Paula prepare to leave Hell's Kitchen, their relatives (Danny's father and friends, Paula's mother and sister) oversee the construction of their respective restaurants. Denny's restaurant is named "Velvet Hammer," after his own high school nickname, and features a seafood menu and decor that many returning chefs find tacky. One of Danny's ideas was to pack fish, but designer John Janavs wasn't happy with that, worried the restaurant would look more like Bob's Bait Shop. Paula's restaurant, called "Sunergy," is decorated in lots of deep orange and yellow, with candles on the walls. While she insisted on using real candles, firefighters said it would be a safety violation to place real candles against a wall, so electric candles were used instead.

challenge: Danny and Paula fly back to the Borgata in Atlantic City, where they have 45 minutes to prepare a three-course meal from a menu they've created, and Borgata executives choose the best dish. All of this is done with the Borgata's 500 employees in mind, who will ultimately work under the winner. Danny won the challenge 2-1.

remuneration: After returning to Los Angeles, Ramsay surprises the final two chefs with "key ingredients" at the domed table. As the dome opens, the final six eliminated contestants arrive in the kitchen, where they will become restaurant chefs under the tutelage of Danny and Paula.[F]Danny had the No. 1 pick, selecting Ben, Giovanni and Carroll. Paula chose Andrea and LA and stayed with Lacey. 6315"2 Chefs Compete: Part 2"14. May 20097.37[16]

Prepare: After the last episode, each of Danny's or Paula's chefs is briefed on what they'll be doing at their respective restaurants. Only Ben is particularly keen on having Danny win on his team. Giovanni was uneasy about being invited back, declaring that he "didn't care" who won, while Carol secretly lobbied for Paola. Putting the finishing touches on the restaurant's interior, Ramsay tasted sample dishes from each restaurant and provided feedback along the way. Paula is getting annoyed with Lacey for dessert, she curdled her creme brulee twice (one for Ramsay) and keeps needing Paula's help.

Serve: 50 guests per restaurant, including Danny and Paula's relatives. All customers rated various aspects of their dining experience, and these ratings were combined with Ramsay's observations to determine the winner. Both Paula and Danny were nervous to start with, and each team has obvious weaknesses. Andrea overcooked the halibut and scallops so many times that Ramsay had to warn Paula not to speak up. Lacey is overwhelmed by the garnishes, even irritating Ramsay when she complains that the menu is too difficult to understand. Paula herself was criticized for helping her team instead of spending time on passing, but things improved when she switched from Andrea and Lacey. On Danny's side, Carol overcooked the lobster, Giovanni prepared a salty sauce for the monkfish, and Ben was slow to deliver the potatoes. Both Danny and Paula were able to muster their teams to complete the service. Although Danny was the first to serve, Paula didn't care because she cared more about the quality of the food than the speed of delivery.

winner: Immediately after the service, Ramsay announced to the chefs that "the winner of Hell's Kitchen ... lives in Florida," making fun of Danny and Paula because they're both from Florida. Since he felt both performances were extremely well done and were their best performances in the finale, he decided to use client review cards to make his decision. After everyone was fired, Ramsey called Danny and Paula into his office, praised their hard work and said they both had wonderful careers. Ramsay leads Danny and Paula through the door; whoever opens it decides the winner. Danny's door opens, he's the fifth championHell's Kitchen.[A]Paula accepted her loss graciously and was delighted that Danny had won his late mother's honor. Danny was photographed cleaning the confessional because his mother couldn't be by his side to witness his victory. Aside from money and status, Ramsay asked Danny if he knew the first four honorees who appeared that night, and his picture was posted on the wall as part of the show's new feature, "Hell's Kitchen Wall of Fame." previous winners.

Paula's Comments: "Congratulations, Danny, you deserve it. Second place in Hell's Kitchen will definitely not stop me. So many doors will open. I'm not at all sad at the moment. I'm victorious."

Danny's comment: "Unbelievable! That's the best thing I've ever felt, man. That's unbelievable. I can't believe it. I did it, man. I won. I'm going to take $250,000 in my own restaurant The Borgata. Like, omg. When the door opened it was the most amazing experience I've ever had. I love my mom so much and it makes me sad that she had to leave early. But I know she looked down Look at me, cry with me, and just say, 'You know, that's my kid, man. I know he's going to do something.' Here I am, man, a winner.

Ramsay's review: "Danny won Hell's Kitchen because he's grown more in a short amount of time than any other chef I've ever seen. He now has the talent and maturity to be a great chef. The Borgata Resort should think of itself as Lucky." I knew I would. "
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