Destiny 2 Season of the Deep: How it works (2023)

Lightfall Season 2,deep sea season, starteddestiny 2.the followinglightsAnd Defiant season, Deep aims to continue the Witness's story and his plans. When you return to Titan - a moon of Santoun - before it was stolen by dark forces, you will reunite with a once lost ally. With Commander Sloane at your side, you plan to delve into Titan's methane seas, with the help of mysterious ancient creatures, in search of anything that can help you unravel the origins of The Witness. There's a lot to look forward to in Season of the Deep, from multiple seasonal events to new gear to some answers about Veils.

Profound shifts in seasonal patterns may become apparent during "deep sea seasons." While the overhaul isn't expected until season 22 or 23, this season already seems to have more fun and engaging loops than the ones we've played so far. Between a slew of awesome new Taken weapons, Return of the Titans, underwater exploration, and of course fishing, Guardians have a lot to explore with this seasonal update.

Here's How Deep Sea Seasons Workdestiny 2.

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Destiny 2: Lightfall - Season of Deep Release Trailer

Table of contents

1) How to get started

2) Seasonal events

2.1) Salvage

2.2) Steve Toshgang

2.3) Recovery key and depth key

2.4) Fishing

2.5) Seasonal cycle

3) Seasonal upgrades


4.1) Sonar station call

4.2) Deep blot focusing

4.3) Aquarium

how to start

In order to start the main story of Season of the Deep, you must first complete itlineageTasks that start automatically on loaddestiny 2This mission takes you back to the known moon of Saturn, Titan, where a distress call was received from a missing comrade. This quest will introduce many of the main storylines of the season, and you'll even meet the terrifying villain we're up against. The main faces of this season seem to be Zavala, Drifter, Sloane, Saladin, Saint and our new friends from the depths of the salty sea.

Completing the quest will take you to the new H.E.L.M. area and give you the NPA Repulsion Controller, an artifact of Season of the Deep. You'll also get a thoughtful version of the new Targeted Redaction, a brand new seasonal weapon with snazzy new Taken VFX.

Follow the weekly newsletter from now oninto the depthsQuest chains take you through all the essentials of the season.

enemy of the witness

seasonal events


Salvage is the main seasonal activity of the deep sea season.This is a 6-player matchmaking event that takes you deep into Titan's methane oceans to secure ancient technology from the Golden Age. You start somewhere on Titan and are given a series of randomly chosen missions to complete. These range from picking up parts to repairing cranes to repelling swarms of hives to preventing slaves from sacrificing themselves to altars. Achieving your goals saves you time. However, time will be deducted if the target is failed.

If you complete enough objectives, you'll be teleported beneath Titan's methane ocean. You wade through a small underwater section, doneSonic speedBubble before entering the massive arena for the final boss fight. If you complete this final challenge, you'll receive a salvage box and the event ends.

Salvage can be accessed through a node in H.E.L.M. Enter and grant powerful gear when you complete a certain number of runs. To get the most out of salvage, you should bring another currency called a salvage key for extra rewards from the final treasure chest. Seasonal gear, including the new Deep weapon set, may drop during salvage, so it will be one of your main sources of rewards.

annihilated in the deep sea

tif tohgang

Another new seasonal eventdestiny 2It's a deep dive. Unlocked after completing the Thunderbolt Action story mission, Deep Dives is a 3-player event with an interesting perspectivedestiny 2The usual formula is improved by adding things like character buffs and leveling systems.

One of the most interesting things about Deep Dives is that they seem to be at least partially inspired by roguelikes.At the start of each run, you can choose one of two buffs, such as B. Kinetic bonus or Precision damage. This buff is active throughout the mission, giving you a unique advantage over your enemies. Complete the listed objectives and finally defeat the unique boss to earn seasonal loot from one of the Deep Dive Chests.

From week 1, Deep Dives involved only one or two encounters, but certain victories suggest that Deep Dives could expand to longer affairs over the next few weeks. There are different depths mentioned - Twilight, Midnight, and The Abyss - each with their own boss. We're currently only able to edit the depth of Twilight, suggesting more areas will be added in the coming weeks. These longer deep dives may offer an opportunity to gain more buffs and fight more bosses the longer you can survive.

As with Salvage, there is a special type of key you need to carry for extra loot. This time around you'll need to bring the Dive Key, which you can use to unlock a special second Dive Chest for extra loot.

deep dive

Salvage Keys and Depth Keys

As mentioned, there are two new currency types in Season of Deep. all these arerecovery keyandrebel key, each of which is associated with one of two new seasonal events.

Salvage Keys are used to get extra rewards at the end of a salvage event. They are automatically consumed when you open the last recycling bin. Instead, Deep Keys are used to open an extra chest at the end of a Deep Dive. While you can complete both quest types individually and still get rewarded for it, it's recommended that you keep at least one key with you so you'll get double the rewards when you're done.

Both types of keys can be found by completing various activities around the system. This includes regular playlist events like Crucible or Strikes, Neomuna's terminal overload events or public events, and even dungeons and raids. However, there is a limit to the number of keys you can have. So be sure to check your inventory regularly so you can use them up and don't miss out on opportunities to earn more.

Salvage and Deep Dive Keys


If you want to take a break and enjoy the peace, you're in luck.One of the other major new activities in Season of Deep is fishing, a staple of any MMO.Completing your first weekly quest will give you a mystery fishing tackle alongside the questgo fishing.Talking with Hawthorne will give you the Tackle Container, which holds the bait you collected for fishing.

You can collect bait for fishing by completing salvage, deep dives, playlist events, public events, patrols, or planetary materials. Just play the parts of the game you like, and you'll have a nice collection by the end. You can hold up to 500 lures in total.

angel friends

Once you have enough bait, head to one of the three fishing spots in the solar system. There's one in the EDZ, one on Nessus, and one on Savathun's Throne world. Then there is fishing. You throw the fishing line into the water and you have to watch out for the bait. If it's underwater, retrieve the rod and (hopefully) have a new fish.Fish come in four different rarities—Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and even Bizarre—and higher rarity fish will earn you more rewards when you finally find them in H.E.L.M. hand over.

There is also a mechanic at the fishing spot called Focused Fishing. The Focused Fishing meter fills up when you or other anglers catch Legendary or Rare fish in the same spot. As a result, more fish will spawn, and the chances of getting rare fish will increase significantly. You'll want to set this bar as high as possible, especially if you're looking for some elusive creatures lurking in the water.

One thing to keep in mind when fishing is communal activity. If the public event spawns at the same location as the fishing spot, it will disappear until it's done. Annoyingly, this also removes your Focused Fishing column. Therefore, you should fish as much as possible before your progress resets. Beyond that, there are many different types of fish to collect, and many victories dedicated to this theme. So, embark on a journey to become a fishing expert.

go fishing

seasonal cycle

So what does a deep cycle season look like?

  1. Take part in weekly salvage and deep dive events to earn seasonal loot.
  2. Collect salvage and deep dive keys by completing activities across the system.
  3. Return to the seasonal event with Salvage Keys and Deep Dive Keys to earn bonus loot and Deep Sea Engrams.
  4. Earn bait through game activities, then go fishing when you need a break. Put all the fish you successfully catch into the aquarium to earn loot, including brand new reckoning weapons.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

Additionally, Guardians will continue to drive this processinto the depthsSearch article by article each week. This will unlock new story missions, such as Operation Thunderbolt, as well as new rewards to earn. A new dungeon will also open the Friday after Season of the Deep begins (May 26), giving players another way to find sweet loot.

take back what is yours

seasonal upgrade

A small but important change this season is the placement of seasonal upgrades.They no longer work with seasonal vendors, but are located under a new tab called "Seasonal Bonuses" in the "Seasonal Challenges" section.

Wardens can unlock a total of 10 rewards by completing specific objectives and challenges. Unlike previous seasons, you don't need to spend any special currency to unlock each upgrade: you just complete the associated challenge and the prize is yours. While some challenges are timed after future content, at least 7 challenges can be won in Week 1 (with moderate effort, of course).

Like previous seasonal upgrades, these rewards are designed to help you complete different parts of the seasonal content. Deep Weapon Focusing and Deep Armor Focusing give you more options and flexibility when decoding Deep Engrams. Other games like Deep Challenger and Deep Attraction will get you more Deep Engrams, while Deepsight Salvaging will help you get crafted weapons. There are even bonuses to help you fish better.

seasonal bonus


sonar station call

Sonar stations are the main suppliers in the deep sea season. You'll earn Sonar Station Standing when you complete Seasonal Challenges or participate in Salvage and Dive activities. The more renown you earn, the more rewards you unlock at the sonar station.

Every time you rank up in Sonar Station, you will earn a Deep Engram. Also, for each major prestige level (Brave, Heroic, Legendary, etc.), you'll receive a Deep Weapon Engram, guaranteeing you one of 6 new Deep Deep seasonal weapons. In addition, reaching a certain level can also get a lot of rewards. This includes additional Salvage and Deep Sea Keys, Sublimated Alloys, Sublimated Fragments, and even a new Strange Ship, the Akashic Apocalypse.

Check back regularly to unlock your Deep Engram stacks, earn new seasonal event bounties, and collect any ranking rewards you're entitled to.

sonar station call

deep memory focus

when you playD2During Deep Sea Season, you will keep collecting Deep Sea Marks. These engrams don't appear in your inventory, but remain on sonar stations, and you can use the engram tracker to check how many engrams you currently have in your inventory.

Deep Engrams can be decoded as loot at Sonar Stations. There are four different types of decoding:

  • deep memory decoding: Contains a random piece of Season of the Abyss equipment.
  • Deep Weapon Focus: Contains a random Deep Sea Season weapon.
  • liquidation armor focus: Contains randomly repeating Season of the Wanderer weapons.
  • Focus on deep armor: Contains a random piece of Season of the Deep armor.

Engram decoding

For many, the two weapon bonuses are the most important decoding options. Weapons in Season of the Rangers returns to the Abyss, reuniting Guardians with some fan favorites. But that's not all, as the current list of seasonal weapons includes Taken versions of liquidation weapons with new stats and archetypes. If you want to decode your Deep Engrams into specific weapons, you'll need to unlock the Deep Weapon Focusing seasonal reward. This also costs more engrams, going from 2 to 4 engrams.

The list of seasonal weapons is:

  • voracious appetiteStasis SMG (aggressive frame)
  • other timeString Pulse Rifle (Rapid Fire Rack)
  • distant sightsStasis Sniper Rifle (Rapid Fire Frame)
  • until he comes backBeach Shotgun (Rapid Fire Barrel)
  • Targeted blackeningEmpty Hand Cannon (aggressive frame)
  • thin abyssBeach Sword (Swirl Frame)

new deep gear

At the same time, the recovered weapons include:

  • alternative rationsKinetic Hand Cannon (Adaptive Frame)
  • out of pocketSolar SMG (Adaptive Frame)
  • surviveSolar Pulse Rifle (Rapid Fire Barrel)
  • last man standingSolar Shotgun (Assault Frame)
  • sole survivorArc Sniper Rifle (Adaptive Frame)
  • just in caseSun Sword (Adaptive Framework)

Mint Billing Device


Finally, you should notice that the H.E.L.M. has a sizable aquarium built into its walls. Installed. This is where you place all the fish you scoop up.

To actually catch a fish, you need to interact with the trigger device after you catch it. Depending on the rarity of the fish, there are even rewards for putting the fish in the aquarium. Uncommon and rare fish have a lower chance of giving rewards. At the same time, the legendary fish will provide you with guaranteed equipment, including liquidation mimic weapons. You can even drop exotic fish, which seems guaranteed if you bring the exotic fish. Other rewards include upgrade materials and even some world drops.

But the best part is watching all your fellow aquarists swimming in the aquarium. This feature is actually a great way to earn rewards and gear. So be sure to bring as much fish as possible.


Here's Everything You Need to Know About Deep Sea Seasondestiny 2.

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