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thisdeep sea seasonhas arriveddestiny 2, which brings various changes, tweaks, fixes, and updates to the entire game system.

This page breaks down the Season of the Abyss update in full, includingLink to full patch notes.


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  • Added supremacy to ruthless rotation.
    • Supremacy will go live in week 4 of Season Deep.
    • Supremacy uses standard connection-based matchmaking and does not provide enhanced super recovery when picking up badges.
  • Lord Shaxx offers special treatment to all Wardens who complete their Competitive Division placement rounds with Silver III or higher.
  • The Season 20 Rising Badge is no longer available for purchase and has been replaced by the new Season 21 Rising Badge

Trials of Osiris

  • Trials of Osiris game mode switched from Elimination to Dominion.
  • The introductory quests have been updated to better serve as a gateway to Trials, and now offer rewards for completing quests for new players.
  • The Perfect Pool will be out of service on Sunday and the Challenger Pool and Practice Soft Pool will be active throughout the weekend. ("Smooth" means that matches don't mix pools together at first, but quickly find suitable matches when needed.)
    • If you played your first match of the week or played on a map listed as a failure, you will be placed in the practice pool.
      • The practice pool uses weekly performance and connection-based matchmaking.
    • If you play with a Flawless card or with someone who holds a Flawless card, you will be included in the Challenger pool.
      • Challenger pools use connection-based matching only.
      • Matchmaking is no longer filtered based on wins on the map.
  • Fixed an issue that caused lobbies to be balanced in solo and duo Trials. The abilities of all players in the challenger pool will be overridden by the same stats, effectively randomizing the lobby.
  • When you use Flawless for the first time in a season, you will now get a seasonal Flawless shader that can be used with any gear.
  • The Mercy channel now waives two losses if you're not spotless this week.
    • Once you reach Flawless, Path of Mercy will again reward a single failure on subsequent attempts.
  • The Path of Fortune now grants additional Trial reputation for all victories.
    • The bonus amount is proportional to your rank in the main trial.
  • After playing Flawless for a week, each of the 7 win maps (whether the map is Flawless or not) has a chance to drop the weekly Adept weapon.
    • This perk was previously limited to the perfect pool starting Sunday, but now it's valid for the entire weekend and doesn't require you to be in a specific pool.
    • Slightly lowered the chance of getting an Expert from a victory to accommodate the longer duration and availability of bonuses.
  • Gilded Flawless requirements have been updated.
  • Added a new badge that rewards you for staying spotless but never winning on the map

Neomuna free roam

  • Super/Ability Kill Patrols have been upgraded to Gold Patrols to better reward players.
    • Fixed some beach kills not counting towards patrol progress


  • Exotic drop chance boosters have been added to several existing victories in Last Wish, Deepstone Crypt, Vow of the Disciple, Vault of Glass, and Kingsfall.
    • Completing these victories increases the chance of initially dropping the Exotic when killing the final boss of the raid.
    • Fixed players sometimes crashing during the final fight with Oryx in King's Fall.
  • Fixed an issue where players could kill Nezarec during his Last Stand removal animation in Source of Nightmare.
  • Fixed an issue where players navigating with Strand Grapple would sometimes softly stop traversing the Macrocosm encounter in Roots of Nightmare.
  • Adjusted the tracking properties of some of Nezarec's projectile attacks in Nightmare Roots.
  • Fixed an issue where players backing up to the hidden chest in the Nightmare Roots cleavage encounter room would see Nezarec's Cavum in a T-position and be unable to defeat it.
  • Fixed some VFX not displaying when completing nodes in traversal between encounters in Nightmare Origins


  • Fixed an issue where Needlestorm would push Akelous away from the playable tile on Spire of the Watcher
  • Fixed an issue where players casting Well of Radiance would deal higher-than-intended damage to Persis in Warden's Spire
  • Fixed the Siren encounter in Warden's Spire where the Rally Banner would sometimes remain active after starting Akelous
  • Fixed an issue where Persys could stagger indefinitely with certain weapons in Watchmen's Tower
  • Fixed an issue where players casting Well of Radiance would deal higher-than-intended damage to Persis in Warden's Spire
  • Fixed an unexpected interaction between the sandbox ability and the body of a defeated fighter that would cause Persys to be deleted in Watchmen's Tower
  • Fixed a rare issue where players were unable to farm Faux Armor while the Faux Armor was active in the spinner on Master difficulty in Greedy Grip
  • Fixed the Warden Spire logo appearing in the Raid collection instead of the World collection
  • Updated descriptions for all Solo, Flawless, and Solo Flawless Dungeon victories to clarify that the event must be completed without exiting the event to count

user interface/UX

  • The inspection screen and Eververse preview screen have been updated with several improvements:
    • Weapons and weapon trinkets can be rotated in the inspector screen and Eververse preview screen.
    • Weapons with environment VFX are now displayed in the inspection screen and Eververse preview screen.
    • Ships can now be rotated in the inspection screen and Eververse preview screen.
    • Ship engine wakes can now be previewed like sparrows.
    • Removed depth of field blur from all inspection screens.
  • Players now have the option to swap their confirm/cancel buttons in the button layout input subscreen.
  • The Journeys page has been updated to include a new way to remember previous Guardian levels, Commendation totals, and Season Pass levels.
  • Fixed an issue where active victory points would not fit in a row on the victory page.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Dear One" badge was not displaying correctly when hovering.
  • Added a visual indicator that will appear on the title stamp and win when there are unclaimed objectives.
  • Adjusted the visual resizing of the metric tracking target on the Journey page to be smaller.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Mark All as Viewed" button in Favorites stopped working as expected.
  • Added visual treatment to the tracked goal area on journey pages, highlighting when automatic goal tracking is on/off.
  • Added extra yellow color to subtitle text.
  • Fixed an issue where text chat auto-hide settings were not being applied correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where clouds and some visual effects would disappear on Neptune in Director.
  • Fixed Dreaming City and Luna related effects clipping in Director.
  • Added streak information to the ritual level tooltip associated with the level display on the playlist event start overlay.
  • Fixed some stat titles in the post-match carnage report incorrectly converting a single character to a second line in some languages.
  • Added an icon to the Director to indicate which planet the active Legend/Master Lost Sector is on.
  • Fixed episode/goal totem overlays to be more responsive to text content

Gameplay and Investing



  • Exotic Armor Tweaks
    • hunter
      • Sealed Ahamkara Grip: Now, when you defeat a target with a melee attack, all your weapon clips are reloaded, and after dealing melee damage, you gain increased movement speed and jump height for 5 seconds.
      • Athrys' Embrace: Gain additional strength while the Heated Knife damage bonus is active.
      • Oathkeeper: When the bow is fully drawn, they gain a damage bonus to fighters, it increases while you hold the bow, but expires after a few seconds.
      • Raiju's Harness: Disabling your Arc Staff Super creates a blinding explosion that temporarily increases your Arc Weapon damage. Increases the amount of super energy returned when deactivated. However, blocking with Whirlwind Guard no longer drains energy more slowly, and super drains 30% slower from 50%.
      • Radiant Dancing Machines: Killing enemies while your free dodge is active extends the duration of your free dodge. No longer deactivates if you get too far away from an enemy. Disabled after using pause slam.
      • ST0MP-EE5: Airborne performance penalty has been removed. Increased speed, gliding distance, and improved jumping are only available when your dodge energy is full.
      • Mask of Barkris: Changed to use level 4 non-stacking weapon damage bonus, increased damage bonus from 10% to 25% in PvE, and gave 6% weapon damage bonus in PvP
    • titan
      • Point Contact Cannon Mount: Lightning strikes the target. PvE damage per bolt increased from 50 to 200. Augment now increases Lightning Strike's damage by 50% instead of increasing its range.
      • No Backup Plan: Provides a modest advantage to shotgun mid-air effectiveness and reload speed. Shotguns do bonus damage and shotgun finishers refresh your overshield as long as you have Void overshield. When using the Void subclass, a quick finishing blow with a shotgun or defeating a strong enemy with a shotgun will give you a Void overshield and start your health regen.
      • Second Chance: Shield Throw melee now weakens enemies. Melee stunning a barrier champion with your shield throw grants a full melee charge.
      • Stronghold: When blocking with a sword, the heal from Precision Shot Block has been replaced by a significant damage reduction (50% in PvE, 10% in PvP). When you stop blocking, you get 2x the recovery, and the duration of the recovery increases according to the number of shots you block.
      • Eternal Soldier: Quick wiping with Arc Weapons provides escalating bonuses to Arc Weapon damage, using the same non-stacking damage bonuses used by the Surge mod. This works out to a level 4 damage bonus, giving a 25% weapon damage bonus in PvE and a 6% weapon damage bonus in PvP. While the level 4 damage bonus is active, Arc kills increase the duration of the bonus. After your Fist of Havoc Super ends, you gain a level 4 damage bonus.
      • Khepri's Horn: Solar damage waves now burn targets.
      • Path of Burning Steps: Changed to use the non-stacking weapon damage bonus used by the Surge mod. This works out to a level 4 damage bonus, giving a 25% weapon damage bonus in PvE and a 6% weapon damage bonus in PvP. While the tier 4 damage bonus is active, sun kills extend the duration of the bonus. If you are immediately surrounded, you will gain a level 4 damage bonus.
      • Dune Walker: Chain damage radius reduced from 20m to 12m, PvP damage reduced from 85 to 50
    • wizard
      • Vespers of Radius: Every 5 seconds your rift emits an arc blast that deals damage (200 in PvE, 70 in PvP). Enemies defeated by these shockwaves explode for an additional 100 damage. If you have the Arc subclass equipped, the shockwave and explosion from defeating an enemy will also blind nearby enemies.
      • Chromatic Fire: Increased blast radius and damage from predicted kinetic knockdowns. The explosion also imparts a status effect to the target it damages, depending on which subclass you have equipped: Blind (Arc), Burn (Daylight), Slow (Stall), Severe (Combo), Weakness (Void).
      • Dawn Chorus: Dawn projectiles deal increased damage. Daybreak damage bonus is no longer limited to burned enemies.
      • Crimson Alchemy: Standing in a Rift grants a non-stacking bonus to weapon damage equal to your subclass's damage type (17% PvE, 4.5% PvP).
      • Claw of Ahamkara: Powerful melee kills spawn energy orbs. Increases potency of spawned orbs when heavy hand mod is equipped (cannot spawn more than 1 orb per enemy killed).
      • Harmony Battlecloak: Changed weapon damage bonus at max to level 4 non-stacking weapon damage bonus, increased damage bonus in PvE from 20% to 25%, decreased damage bonus in PvP from 15% to 6% . The damage bonus only applies to weapons that match your subclass's damage type, and now stacks with Mighty Rift and other similar damage bonuses. Increased the base duration of this bonus from 6 seconds to 10 seconds (PvE) and from 3 seconds to 5 seconds (PvP).
      • Ophidian Aspect: Removed extended melee range.
      • Promethium Spur: Provides rift power for disabling solar weapons, when standing in a rift gives more power for disabling solar weapons. You must now stand in the rift to allow the Exotic to take the final hit, draining your class ability's energy and creating a rift at the target location.
      • Spark Protocol: Reduced energy gained per damage from 20% to 2.5%. Kills with powerful weapons now grant 20% grenade power
    • Generally speaking
      • Fixed an issue that caused Gerfalcon's Halsberge to immediately use the backup Hypershield that the player would get if they killed an enemy while the class ability was below 10% energy
      • Fixed an issue that caused Ballidorse Wrathweavers to give bonus weapon damage to non-stasis weapons
      • Speedloader Slack buffs now have clear text when displayed in the HUD.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Severance Enclosure from working on Strand subclasses
      • Fixed an issue where using the Abeyant Leap Exotic armor would cause the continuity's shard thread to not add hold time to Aspect Whip Drengr
      • Fixed Swarmers causing Threadlings created from Tangles to trigger Fragment Thread of Rage
      • Fixed Verity's Brow granting bonus grenade power to allies for longer than intended
      • Updated the Citan's Walls perk description string to better reflect its behavior
    • armor mod
      • Powerful Attraction - When you use your class ability, you collect all orbs of energy within a radius determined by the number of copies of the mod you have equipped.
    • Elemental Charges - Collecting subclass collectibles related to your damage type (Pyrogen, Ion Trail, Stasis Shards, Void Fissures) has an increasing chance of granting you a layer of Armor Charge; on Strand , which is obtained by destroying Tangles


arc subclass

  • chocobo
    • reservation staff
      • 20% increased Damage to PvE Fighters
    • a storm is brewing
      • Increased direct impact damage to players from 200 to 300.
      • Secondary Lightning Bolt maximum damage to players increased from 300 to 500.
      • Increased Lightning damage over time to players from 40 to 60.
      • Now deals more damage to Radiation Wells and Dawnguard.
      • Fixed an issue that caused superpowers to be calculated before the wand projectile was created, specifically if the caster was killed (or pinned, frozen, or paused) during the specific 0.07 second spell execution window.
      • Staff projectiles now penetrate the following fighter types regardless of target class, rather than too much:
        • Hive and Taken Ogres
        • contempt hateful
        • angry dragon
        • Death Brigade
  • forward
    • Fist of Desolation
      • Reduced tap power cost from 8.5% to 6%.
      • Bash energy cost reduced from 18% to 12%.
      • 33% increased Bash Damage against PvE Enemies
    • beat
      • Reduced fall radius while active from 6.5m to 5.5m.
      • Uncharged melee damage bonus against PvE fighters increased from 60% to 100%.
    • Vulcan
      • Fragment slot increased from 1 to 2
    • earthquake impact
      • Now costs 15% energy to activate when missing a target.
      • Base cooldown reduced from 101 to 91 seconds
    • engine
      • Fixed an issue where players' vision could break when activating thrusters while sprinting.
      • Slightly increased upward acceleration on activation to reduce instances of players getting stuck on the ground
  • storm caller
    • storm trance
      • 25% increased damage to PvE fighters.
      • Time to reach max damage ramp when attacking reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
      • Landing Detonation and Seeker will now shake the target on impact
    • Chaos range
      • 25% increased damage to PvE fighters.
      • Damage resistance to players increased from 40% to 50%.
      • Maximum penalty speed increased from 3.5 meters per second to 4.5 meters per second.
      • Adjusted the super camera so that the player's body does not block the target's view when shooting.
      • Chaos spread damage over time to a single target now creates a rush of lightning at the target's location
    • lightning
      • Fixed an issue that caused Lightning Surge to deal more secondary damage than intended. Targets can now take damage up to two times from a single skill activation: once from the primary lightning around the player, and once from the secondary lightning.
      • This change requires some changes to the damage values, but overall the damage should be noticeably more consistent and slightly higher than previously intended, but without the ability to hit an enemy Guardian at full health in one go
    • Ball Blitz
      • 30% increased Damage to PvE Fighters
      • Reduced the ping scalar of downward lightning blasts, making fighters less likely to flinch from repeating the volume of lightning when a player is buffed
  • arc grenade
    • granite
      • Increased half angle of aim assist cone from 3 to 4.5 degrees
  • General Arc
    • speed booster
      • Jump acceleration bonus scalar reduced from 1.5x to 1.25x.
      • Reduced activation time while sprinting from 3 seconds to 2.5 seconds.
      • Increased the dwell time after the player stops sprinting from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds.
      • Fixed an issue where the speed boost would not be granted if the player was already sprinting and then accelerated
    • lark
      • Damage to PvE fighters reduced by 15%.
      • The bonus damage scalar against large fighters has been reduced by approximately 20%.
      • Push damage triggers now correctly assign chain lightning damage ownership - previously this would show the damage number for the player who applied the initial push damage. The player who deals damage to trigger the Shock Chain Blitz is now the owner of that damage and will see the damage number popup

Solarium classroom

  • shooter
    • Golden Gun (Shooters and Reapers)
      • 20% increased damage to PvE fighters.
    • gunpowder gambling
      • Fragment slot increased from 1 to 2.
      • Cooldown reduced from 12 seconds to 6 seconds.
    • Counterweight Throwing Knife
        • Reduced the minimum size of projectile chase shapes by 25% and the maximum size of projectile chase shapes by 10% on mouse and keyboard.
    • Proximity blasting knife
      • Reduced explosion damage to players from 105 to 90.
      • Impact damage to players increased from 14 to 20.
    • light knife
      • Projectile speed increased from 30 meters per second to 40 meters per second.
      • Projectile Tracking shape size increased by 20%
  • sunscreen
    • Sun Hammer
      • 10% increased damage to PvE fighters.
    • burning mouth
      • 10% increased damage to PvE fighters.
      • Heavy Slam Cyclone now causes a small amount of char over time.
      • Sol Invictus Aspect now creates a sunspot on activation when equipped, matching the Hammer of Sol behavior from the Sol behavior.
    • invincible sun
      • Sunspot damage per tick to players increased from 15 to 22.
    • hammering
      • Now costs 15% energy to activate when missing a target.
      • Base cooldown reduced from 101 seconds to 91 seconds.
    • Flyweight
      • Now adjusts its initial trajectory based on your Aim Assist target for more consistency against fast moving targets
  • Dawn Blade
    • breaking Dawn
      • Adjusted the super camera to allow the player to look further down to avoid VFX blocking the view of the target when moving quickly.
    • incinerator snapshot
      • Fixed an issue that prevented nearby projectiles from detonating.
      • Reduced overall damage to players from 150 to 135 - this is by design. Mainly to compensate for the increased consistency of incinerator snapshots after this fix.
  • sun granite
    • garnet
      • Increased secondary projectile explosion radius from 1m to 1.4m to reduce the number of times a secondary projectile bounces far enough from its chasing target without damaging or burning it.
    • healing grenade
      • Reduced screen shake feedback from explosions for allied players. This reduction increases for players aiming down the scope.
  • General Solar
    • in the game
      • Increased the stun time before adding burn stacks to enemy players from 1.5 seconds to 2.3 seconds.
      • Increased the stun time before Scorch stacks start dropping against PvE fighters from 3 seconds to 4.5 seconds.
      • Fixed the Incinerate screen effect popping up immediately when the player switches from Incinerate to Ignite.
      • Fixed an issue where damaging a burned target with certain poison effects would cause the burn to be forcibly removed.
    • embers of mercy
      • Bonus Energy Regeneration scalar increased by 100%.
      • 50% reduction in active duration in Crucible and Gambit

empty subclass

  • night Stalker
    • spectral leaf
      • Damage to PvE fighters increased by 35%.
      • Heavy hits now weaken targets hit.
      • Fixed an issue that caused the right hand attack to fail to connect when attacking at the full increased attack speed.
    • trap ambush
      • Fragment slot increased from 1 to 2.
    • sling bomb
      • Increased duration of PvE Warrior Weakness debuff from 4 to 8 seconds
  • guardian
    • Sentinel Shield
      • 20% increased damage to PvE fighters.
      • Increased the regeneration rate of the Shield Throw ability in Super to compensate for the reduction in stat-based regeneration introduced with the release of Lightfall.
    • fortress
      • Fragment slot increased from 1 to 2.
    • shield throwing
      • Base impact damage increased from 60 to 70.
      • Improved consistency of finding and adjusting projectile trajectory towards new target after bounce.
    • shield bash
      • Now costs 15% energy to activate when missing a target.
      • Base cooldown reduced from 114 to 91 seconds
  • void walker
    • Nova-Bombe (Catastrophe and Vortex)
      • 20% increased damage to PvE fighters.
    • nova twist
      • 15% increased damage to PvE fighters.
      • Fully charged attacks will now disable enemies on hit.
    • accelerated chaos
      • Fragment slot increased from 1 to 2
      • Loaded Cluster Grenade
        • Improved tracking consistency for loaded cluster grenade submunitions.
        • Increased submunition arming time to increase the chance of the submunition reaching its target.
        • Fixed some submunitions bouncing off the ground when created, causing premature detonation.
      • Charged electromagnetic grenade (handheld supernova)
        • Increased the dwell time of a fully charged grenade from 3.2 to 4.5 seconds
  • empty shell
    • void roof
      • Reduced damage per tick to enemy players from 28 to 23 - unchanged against PvE fighters
  • Void General
    • Volatile
      • Now show a timer in the player HUD when they are unstable.
      • Reduced duration on players from 10 seconds to 6 seconds.
    • harvest echo
      • No longer requires precision kills to activate

stagnation subclass

  • resurrection
    • diving
      • Fragment slot increased from 1 to 2.
    • Blade of Decline
      • The maximum homing ability of projectiles has been increased by 12.5%.
      • Projectile Homing search range increased by 20% when ejecting players.
      • Fixed boss battle auto shards doing significantly more damage when frozen by Withering Blade than auto shards from freezing from another Stasis melee ability
  • behemoth
    • glacier tremor
      • While Glacial Quake is active, the benefit of Shaking Strike is increased by 10%.
      • Light strike damage is increased by 20% against all target types.
    • howling of the storm
      • Increased player-facing Freeze Cone width by 31%.
    • chill
      • Maximum thrust in flight increased by 16%.
      • 18% reduced maximum downward G-force effect in flight
  • Shadow Binder
    • Grace of Winter
      • 10% increased damage to PvE fighters.
    • Frost pulse
      • Now grants 2.5 meters of additional melee target and lunge range for 1.2 seconds while Rift is active
  • stagnant particles
    • Twilight Fields - Granite
      • Fixed an issue where equipping a Desolation Warden or Revival Gryphon would cause the Twilight Field Grenade cooldown to be longer than intended.
    • cold grenade
      • Fixed an issue where the Coldsnap Grenade would not spawn follow-up seekers if the first projectile landed too close to the target.
      • Fixed Coldsnap Grenade not freezing the target if the initial projectile landed directly below the target.
      • Increased Cold Snap Grenade Seeker's detonation range on players from 1.5m to 1.75m to fix an issue where Sheer could detonate without freezing the target but would still spawn a follow-up Seeker
  • Stasis General
    • Fixed Tectonic Harvest, Grim Harvest, and Glacial Harvest Aspect buff icons being incorrect

beach subclass

  • thread runner
    • silk punch
      • Reduced the player's slow when casting Silk Strike immediately after a grapple.
    • thread string
      • Damage to PvE fighters increased by ~55%.
      • Increases the range of projectiles before returning to the player by 30%.
      • The speed of the arrow when returning to the player has been slightly reduced to make it easier to catch.
      • Increases the power gain when catching arrows based on the number of enemies hit.
      • Can now penetrate Cabal Phalanx shields.
      • The catch action no longer takes precedence over the grapple when the enemy target is within grapple range.
  • Berserker
    • Klingenwuth
      • Fixed an issue that allowed players to use Super abilities indefinitely while in Mayhem under certain conditions.
    • Blade of Fury
      • Reduces cooldown based on the number of melee energy charges the player has stored.
        • At 0 charges, cooldown is reduced by 15%. When charged 2 times, cooldown is reduced by 30%.
      • Fixed an issue that would prevent players from attacking with the Hive Sword while using the Frenzied Blade for a melee attack.
    • Drengar's Whip
      • Fixed an issue that caused Drengr's whip projectiles to get stuck and linger in level geometry (especially corners) for long periods of time.
  • Bro Weber
    • needle storm
      • The physical acceleration of each projectile has been reduced by approximately 70% to prevent bosses (such as Akelous in Warden's Spire) from flying into the stratosphere when hit by each projectile at the same time.
    • Arcanadel
      • Reduces cooldown based on the number of melee charges the player has stored.
        • At 0 charges, cooldown is reduced by 15%. When charged 2 times, cooldown is reduced by 30%.
      • Increases projectile speed based on projectile flight time.
        • Initial speed increased from 30 to 40 meters per second.
        • Top speed increased from 60 to 70 meters per second.
      • Increased projectile tracking by approximately 10%.
      • Fixed an issue that would prevent Claw of Ahamkara from providing the 4th melee charge for Arcane Needles.
      • Fixed an issue where players could quickly trigger death melee while escaping with the Arcane Needle equipped.
  • Strong Granaten
    • hold on tight
      • Base cooldown reduced from 105 seconds to 82 seconds.
      • Minimum time between grapple activations reduced from 2.5 seconds to 0.2 seconds.
      • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to mount a sparrow while grappled.
  • commander in chief
    • thread generator
      • Some damage to mechanics over time reduces energy regeneration.
      • Energy generated from Trace Rifle damage has been reduced by 36%.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause players to remain stuck in first person after quickly picking up a new Tangle after throwing it.
    • Updated the position of the item carried by the Tangle in the player's arm in the motion animation set.
  • New chain aspect
    • Hunter: Arbor
      • Activate your class ability to drop a decoy made of woven wire, attracting the attention of nearby fighters and activating the radars of other Sentinels.
      • After taking heavy damage or when a combatant approaches, the decoy explodes, dealing damage and releasing threads that seek out and attack nearby enemies.
    • Titans: Missilestorm
      • While gliding, activate your charged melee ability to leap into the air, knocking back nearby targets and dealing damage.
      • While in the air, reactivate Charged Melee to fire a destructive scatter swarm of projectiles.
      • Repeatedly activating melee will chain additional throws.
    • Warlock: Wanderer
      • Balls you throw will attach to enemies and explode in a hovering explosion.
      • Thread killing can cause confusion

Full Patch Notes

If you'd like to read the full patch notes, including other changes and fixes, you can do so via the official Bungie websiteblog entry.

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