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forseason 21Fengdestiny 2, Bungie detailed some of the weapon changes, includingRevisions to the Hipe Fire reticle, exotic weapons and more!

This page provides a comprehensive overview of the weapon changes for Season 21.deep sea season, for Destiny 2.


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gun reticle

Hip shot reticle and field of view

Reticles for the following weapon types have been redesigned to move more noticeably at high FOVs without sacrificing functionality:

  • fusion rifle
  • hand cannon
  • pistol
  • spur gun

More weapon reticles are planned to be updated in future versions, but no timetable has been set yet. Shotgun reticles now also scale with the field of view, meaning the reticles will exactly match the shotgun's spread regardless of field of view.

charge meter

Updated hipfire reticles to include charge and shield power for fusion rifles and swords respectively.

  • Fusion Rifles now have a charge meter below the reticle
  • The sword reticle now shows the current power of the swordguard

Experimental ADS reticle

Weapons typically have different hipfire and ADS reticles, but Bungie is experimenting with replacing the center reticle or red dot with a variation of the hipfire reticule.

  • Shayoulas Zorn
    • There is now a downward aiming reticle, which reacts to the weapon's accuracy and auto-aim status, and is tied to a "red reticle", which means when an enemy moves within range of that weapon, It will change color below the reticle

Custom reticles for exotic weapons


Crosshair elements have been added to various Exotic weapons to display benefits related to stats or counters that provide important information to the player. Some Exotic weapons already do this, but the ones that haven't received an overhaul:

  • The load counter is added to:
    • demon ruins
    • Salvation Grip
    • grand overture
  • The perk counter shows how many points the perk hit
    • Quantity of Mercury Storm Bombs
    • Spades A memento mori shot count
    • Number of shots in Lumina Noble Rounds
    • "Traveler's Choice" light set.
  • Perk progress meter showing perk builds
    • there are manticores
  • Active Perk shows when the Exotic Perk is active
    • dry moon
    • Egg's Scepter
    • you raise him
    • A trace of malice
    • Cold Sensing 77k
    • trinity ghoul
  • Load Indicator and Vibration Counter
    • Vex Mythbreaker

Check screen improvements

In the weapon preview, you can now do the following:

  • twist them like sparrows or armor
  • Added support for environment VFX for weapons that have them

Auto Melee

Similar to the Full Auto (Fire) setting, a matching "Full Melee" setting has been implemented, still allowing you to make melee attacks with fists, charged melee, swords, broadswords, or roaming super melee by holding down the assigned Enter key.

weapon prototype

  • sheet
    • Heaven's tyranny stats have been ridiculously low, Bungie touched the weapons anyway so decided to refresh it's stats
  • machine gun
    • Aggressive SMGs shine in PvP, and they need to reappear in the roster - and the way Bungie does this is by slightly lowering base damage and critical damage to keep them survivable, increasing the accuracy needed to hit them most Time to Kill (TTK). ).
    • Base damage reduced from 15 to 14.
      • Precision hit multiplier increased from 1.45 to 1.5 (Crit damage increased from 21.8 to 21).
    • The Immortal is such a powerful monster that no other aggressive SMG can match it. Bungie expanded its reach while continuing to excel in other areas.
      • Base range reduced by 10
  • sniper rifle
    • Sniper Rifles are a pretty safe bet, and Bungie doesn't want to dominate them any further, but there's still room to increase their damage to improve their feel in PvE. Note that in the Season 20 mid-season balance update, the recoil of the Rapid Fire Sniper Rifle was also significantly increased, and the recoil was also reduced.
    • PvE damage increased by 10%.

notes:Izanagi's Burden's Honed Edge perk shot will not receive the aforementioned PvE buff, all other Exotic sniper rifles will.

  • scout rifle
    • Long Arm accidentally got the Exotics damage buff to minors, so Bungie fixed that (it still got the scout rifle PvE damage buff from Season 20's mid-season balance update).

exotic weapons

Made the following changes/updates to Strange weapons:

  • The bizarre nature of the Eye of Tomorrow's multi-target missile salvo and Adaptive Ordnance suggests it should be used to kill hordes of enemies, but the missile launcher's ammo economy doesn't really do that. But what if the judicious use of weapons against groups reimburses ammunition?
    • Killing 4 targets with a rocket salvo returns 1 ammo.
  • Graviton Lance's performance feels exotic, but it's easy to miss the full damage of the salvo because it has too many tanks, and Bungie thinks the tweak for Revision Zero's Heavy Rounds 2 burst is a good fit.
    • RPM increased from 257 to 300 (explosion delay reduced by 20%, now matches the rate of fire of the revised zero-heavy Hakke shell).
    • Damage per shot has been rebalanced.
      • Increased first shot damage from:
        • Body: 9.5 to 19.
        • Severe: 15.7 to 31.4.
      • Second shot damage reduction:
        • Body: 35.6 to 25.6.
        • Critical strike: 58.7 to 42.3.
  • The Jade Rabbit is a strong PvP scout rifle, but tracking Exotic Perk health is difficult, and the single ammo refund isn't impressive enough for an Exotic - these changes make health clearer and give more precision Spend.
    • Added buff text to indicate when Fate of All Fools increased body shot damage activates.
    • Hitting 3 critical strikes quickly now refunds 3 shots instead of 1.
  • Flying around with Manticore is fun, but Bungie wants it to be more valuable, flexible, and sustainable. This change is designed to allow you to stay in the air longer while being safer.
    • Catalyst damage resistance increased from level 3 to level 4.
    • Increased movement speed for hang time.
    • Activating the Catalyst Perk (from airborne kills, or continuous damage after airborne kills) now partially refills magazines.
  • Lumina's Noble Rounds are capped at 5, and Bungie, when researching Exotic weapon reticles, chose to equalize the number of rounds on Memento Mori's Ace of Spades to improve consistency between the two, while giving Lumina a small buff.
    • Nobility Round Cap increased from 5 to 6.
  • Heartshadow doesn't quite fit the fantasy that Bungie wants, so it's easier for them to take advantage of the exotic perks.
    • Damage boost now activates faster while cloaked, after 0.25 seconds instead of 1 second.
    • Mind Shadow now weakens when dealing damage while Damage Boost is active.
  • Bungie loves the zero-world line performance, and with all the attention we've given to Swords, we wanted to spend some time really setting it apart from some of the goodness in the glowing Sword Dares.
    • Swipe can now be chained once.
      • Swordguard energy cost per slam attack reduced from 100% to 50%.
      • The damage of a single Dash Heavy attack has been increased by 8.3%.
  • The look of Sweet Business is fun, but Bungie thought they could up the fun and power by adding some explosions.
    • Now fires explosive rounds every 20 rounds (reduced number of shots when spinning at full speed).
  • Legend of Acrius already has a very high hit rate, dealing some of the highest damage per shot in the game, but its ammo reserves run out quickly, and you have to be directly over enemies to use it. Bungie has relaxed both of these restrictions.
    • Total ammo increased from 12 to 16.
    • Maximum projectile distance increased from 9m to 12m
  • Tommy's Matchbox is about self-immolation. Bungie updated it so you can burn others too.
    • Catalyst Update: When overheated, a sustained flame burns your target. Apply 14+7 (with Ash Ember Fragment) layers of charred layers every 5 shots.
  • No Time to Explain's drones cannot counter Barrier Champion shields while they have the anti-barrier effect. Bungie fixed this and also made drones work with the Feeding Frenzy perk.
    • Updated drones to work with anti-barriers (breaking through barrier champion shields and penetrating fighter shields too much).
    • Updated drone to work with Feeding Frenzy (from NTTE Catalyst).
    • This also fixes an issue where the Feeding Frenzy Feedback would play whenever the player respawned, and then never play again.
  • Skyburner's Solar 3.0 pass for Oath proved to be too conservative, so Bungie improved it to make it more competitive with other popular options.
    • Increased stacks of Incinerate from 3 to 5, and Using Ember Shards from 5 to 10.
  • The power and utility of the Salvation's Grip is fun and useful in certain situations, but as a heavy weapon it really needs to deal some damage without compromising its identity - Bungie reimagined its function in terms of bowling balls.
    • Redesigned to have two firing modes. Charged Shot creates a static crystal mode (where the number of crystals no longer depends on charge time). Uncharged shots are regular grenade launcher shots that deal higher damage against stasis crystals and frozen targets.
    • Added a new perk that lets you reload mags from reserves if you quickly smash at least 3 crystals with an unloaded shot.
  • Bad Juju has always been difficult to control, originally because it was originally designed for the recoil of automatic rifles.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the weapon to recoil like an automatic rifle, making it difficult to control. Recoil mode is now similar to other pulse rifles.
  • Due to a recent bug, War Lion's damage to red bars has been greatly increased. Bungie has fixed this issue. Note, however, that the damage bonus for Exotic primary weapons is still 40%.
    • Fixed an issue that caused this weapon to deal higher than intended damage to fighters with a red bar.
  • Thunderlord gained popularity with the release of his Catalyst and Season 20 Machine Gun Boost, but with it came a bug that allowed Lightning to strike more often than intended for Divinity Bubbles. Bungie fixed this - note that normal crit chance is not affected by this change.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause hitting Holy Bubbles to count as two critical hits instead of one.
  • The original version of Winterbite contained an exploitable corruption bug, which has been fixed here.
    • Impact damage has been removed and reassigned to explosion damage.
    • Adjusted self damage scale to account for increased damage from explosions



  • Fragile Focus is very powerful, but the perk deactivator is very ruthless.
    • The reward lasts until the shield bursts and returns when the shield regenerates to 100%.
  • Thresh, Demolitionist, and Pugilist always give more energy when killing enemies with shotguns, fusion rifles, and sniper rifles, but Glaives has not received this bonus so far.
    • Adds energy to Glaive projectile kills such as shotguns, fusion rifles, and sniper rifles.
  • Rebuilds under the hood have been simplified, allowing Bungie to spread the proceeds over more weapons without breaking the bounty budget.
    • This caused the perk's timing to vary slightly, as the initial and cooldown timers between reloads have been unified.
    • Base gain: 4 seconds.
    • Extended benefit: 3.5 seconds.
  • Shoot to Loot is already useful in certain situations, but Bungie was looking for a good way to allow players to interact with Orbs of Power remotely, and this was an obvious choice.
    • Updated to include Energy Orbs.
    • Currently this only works on direct hits. The ability to detonate picked up bullets with weapons will be added in a future patch

full overview

If you'd like to read the full breakdown of Season 21 weapon changes, you can do so on the official Bungie siteblog entry.

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