Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (2023)

When it comes to preparing delicious and healthy meals for family and friends, nothing beats the best electric stove combo. It turns out to be the perfect companion for cooking and baking without the hassle of pushing around on the shelf compared to traditional ovens. Finding the right stove and oven combo can take some research, however, as many options have modern designs and features.

The combination electric stove and oven makes it easy to handle multiple cooking tasks while saving space. It lets you cook and bake faster while still offering the same value as traditional ovens. By choosing these combinations, you can prepare meals for the whole family as they offer a lot of versatility with different sizes and design options. Some oven and stovetop combinations come with 5 to 7 burners for fast work. We cover every aspect according to your requirements for our review.


  1. The 7 best electric stove combos
    • FRIGIDAIRE Professional 30" combi electric oven
    • Verona VEFSEE365SS 36" Elektroofen Combo
    • Frigidaire FGEH3047VF electric range combination oven with 5 elements
    • LG LTE4815ST electric oven with double combination in stainless steel
    • Verona Designer Series VDFSEE365SS 36 Inch Electric Oven Combo
    • Kenmore 30‚Ä≥ Freestanding Electric Oven Combo
    • Thor Kitchen HRE3601 36" Electric Oven with Hob
  2. What features to look for when buying the best electric range combo
    • The type
    • Performance
    • Size
    • capacity
    • safety devices
  3. Diploma

The 7 best electric stove combos

Find out which oven and hob combination can meet your cooking and baking needs? Do not worry! We have researched and analyzed the best electric stove combo based on features and functions. There are dozens of options to choose from online. However, we consider only the main options. As a food writer and cookware expert, we make sure the choices remain balanced between quality, versatility and utility. Let's check out the best stovetop and oven combos!

FRIGIDAIRE Professional 30" combi electric oven

Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (1)

Marke:Fridge |Fuel:Electric |Ignition:Electronic |Size:30 inches |Material:stainless steel, ceramic glass |Dimensions:32.5 x 23.5 x 7 inches |Voltage:240V |

If you haven't thought about an electric range combo yet, you're in for some pleasant surprises with the Frigidaire Professional 30-inch electric range. It includes everything you'd expect from an electric oven and hob combo, yet has some great features that you don't see on every product.

The Spacepro bridge element allows you to use two burners at the same time for a more traditional grilling experience. By being able to sync two separate burners no matter where you put the pan, you'll always have all the power of a full-size stovetop when you need it. The drop-in hob is equipped with five heating coils (from 800W to 3200W) designed for exceptional performance in terms of energy saving, practical design and hot-touch control.

The Frigidaire Combo has a number of handy features, including a Powerboil element that allows you to quickly heat water or liquid food. The Keep Warm option works similar to the warming drawer but inside the oven. All in all, this is undoubtedly a good choice for those who want to save space in the kitchen but want to enjoy good home-cooked meals every day.

Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (2)

The Frigidaire Professional Electric Oven Combo is great because it invests space where it's most valuable. This allows you to optimize your existing kitchen layout and free up more worktop space for food preparation - e.g. B. an adjacent work area. This sleek design aligns with modern interior trends, so you won't see many breaks in older homes, but the overall look still adds some visual interest wherever it is placed.

Finally, this Frigidaire combination oven and hob has unique features such as a warming drawer and a keep-warm function. Whether you need to make dinner or keep food warm after heating, these functions do a fantastic job. They also make it an excellent choice for homeowners who have ample space in their kitchen.


  • Heating element is fast and very versatile
  • More than enough burner options
  • compact form factor
  • Bigger and nicer hob
  • Excellent warming function

In contrast

  • Smaller size makes it less ideal for larger meals

Verona VEFSEE365SS 36" Elektroofen Combo

Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (3)

Marke:Verona |Fuel:Electric |Ignition:Electronic |Size:36 inch |Material:stainless steel |Dimensions:24 x 35.88 x 37 inches |Voltage:120/240V |

Some cooks prefer the old-school approach of going back to basics and staying away from the high-tech bells and whistles that some appliances rely on. For example, while I enjoy using app connectivity, it's hard to deny the classic appeal that comes with Verona's VEFSEE365SS electric hob combo.

If you're looking for a stove that can handle everything from the simplest to the most complex dishes, this elegant yet simple European-made electric stove will work exceptionally well for your kitchen. It features a durable black ceramic glass cooktop that's extremely easy to clean, so you can spend more time cooking and less time scrubbing afterwards.

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Unique touches like sleek chrome knobs and a stainless steel oven handle lend a sleek look that suits even the most eclectic of styles without being too industrial or overpowering. Whether you choose modern, classic, light or dark finishes in your kitchen design, you will find that there is more than one finish to choose from, including color options such as red, black and white.

Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (4)

The 36 inch wide Verona electric combi oven is a great example of how you won't regret buying it at home, an extra 6 inches wide. In return, you get a sense of quality and the ability to cook multiple dishes at the same time. It has five burners, an oven window and a usable storage drawer. However, we suspect it might not fit into smaller kitchens.

If you look at the heating element you can see that it varies between 700 and 2100 watts. Dual-core elements change power levels on-demand based on what the cookware calls for. It's worth noting that this is a narrower range of power options than other oven and hob combos, but in our experience it's more than enough for most typical uses.

Choosing which type of electric range to invest in has become increasingly complex over the years, especially with all the modern features available on new models. However, if you value an interface like you do with analogue or non-digital appliances, Verona's best electric range combo could be a good investment.


  • Excellent build quality
  • spacious stove
  • The design is attractive and practical.
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • fast heating element

In contrast

  • Caro
  • Any complaints about less preheating

Frigidaire FGEH3047VF electric range combination oven with 5 elements

Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (5)

Marke:Fridge |Fuel:Electric |Ignition:Electronic |Size:30 inches |Material:stainless steel |Dimensions:26.62 x 30 x 36.62 in |Voltage:240V |

For anyone who likes the added convenience of a simple, affordable oven with added features, the Frigidaire comes highly recommended. It doesn't have any high-tech ingredients, but it comes fully equipped with True Convection Technology, a unique air frying feature, and you're guaranteed a great cooking experience.

The Frigidaire 5 elements electric oven uses true convection technology. A heating element is attached to the fan, which is unique in this price range. It doesn't have dual fan or dual speed technology, which you can't overlook. However, the manufacturer compensates for the lack with the Air Fry offer. The hot air fryer offers you crispy and healthy food, without oil or disturbing texture.

A super cool feature of this model is that it comes with FrozenBake. The convenience of roasting, roasting and grilling in a single appliance typifies European-style design and functionality. This appliance features 3500 watts of baking soda, making it powerful enough to cook even the tastiest dishes, so you never have to worry about undercooked dishes again.

Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (6)

The cooktop is a screen-like glass cooktop covered with a layer of smooth ceramic. Some coils are single, double, or triple under the hob. They offer more options in terms of the amount of energy required and the size of the pan. You can work with variable power of 1200W, 3200W and 3000W for single, dual and triple coil boards.

Frigidaire has given its best with the FGEH3047VF electric oven with 5 elements. Does it have one-touch buttons to access almost anything? You can set a hot zone, steam cleaning, self-cleaning, keep warm, delayed start, air frying, quick preheating and more with the help of just one button instead of using touch panel levels.


  • Excellent air fryer
  • User-friendly one-touch controllers
  • Good capacity for frozen baking
  • Rapid heating by boiling element

In contrast

  • Missing temperature probes
  • Extra sensitive touch controls
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LG LTE4815ST electric oven with double combination in stainless steel

Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (7)

Marke:LG |Fuel:Electric |Ignition:Electronic |Size:30 inches |Material:stainless steel |Dimensions:42 x 30 x 29 inches |Voltage:120/240V |

The LG LTE4815ST is an excellent choice for the stovetop and oven combination as it has a substantial capacity double oven. The oven and top burners deliver excellent heat due to improved cooking elements and heat transfer mechanisms. You can expect this oven and stovetop combo to easily meet your family's cooking needs.

With two ovens you can do a much wider variety of things, from roasting a giant turkey to baking a pie to grilling meat or vegetables in the second oven. While most double ovens come with a large lower oven and a small upper oven, this double oven has a much larger upper oven, giving you room to place cakes or loaf pans inside.

The spaciousness of this double oven design makes it ideal for many types of cooking. Still, it's also handy if you're having more than one party at a time, as you don't have to keep running back and forth between the kitchen and the traditional oven.

Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (8)

Both ovens are standard, but the bottom one is convection with a hidden cooking element to ensure even heat. It is ideal for roasting meat or making crispy pizzas. The upper oven helps to prepare dishes that require a lot of moisture, such as bread, cakes and soufflés. Its convection heat helps dry out the interior for better baking potential.

Most hobs only have two buttons, one for the burners and one to activate different oven settings. LG models add extra buttons that let you control a "hot zone" under the main cooking area. With most oven functions just a twist away, controlling the flexible elements is very convenient. You can choose how many coils you want to activate based on the size of the plate or pot you're preparing dinner in.

LG's SmartThinQ technology allows the stove to be connected via Wi-Fi, allowing you to remotely control the range via a smartphone app. This feature allows you to preheat the oven before you get home from work, or start it after work if you initially forgot. You can monitor the status of your oven, start and stop cooking processes, or even send notifications to let you know when something is done or going wrong.


  • Easy to understand button controls
  • An effective intelligent control mechanism
  • spacious upper oven
  • Good build quality

In contrast

  • Burner controls have no lights

Verona Designer Series VDFSEE365SS 36 Inch Electric Oven Combo

Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (9)

Marke:Verona |Fuel:Electric |Ignition:Electronic |Size:36 inch |Material:stainless steel |Dimensions:30 x 16 x 15.5 inches |Voltage:120/240V |

The Verona Designer Series 36-inch electric oven has a 5-element hob and a two-element hob. With European convection, this is an all-in-one oven that's also useful for baking and cooking. A commercial grade stainless steel handle provides a finish for a bold, dynamic look. There are storage options including a door drawer for easy storage.

With the integrated digital display, you always know how long food has been in the oven without having to constantly open and close the door. Plus, it features a handy storage drawer to keep your pots or pans close at hand and everything conveniently accessible when you need it.

The oven and stovetop combo has a five cubic foot capacity to meet the baking and baking needs of large family gatherings. A true European convection oven offers consistent cooking and baking performance for different operations. Additionally, the touch controls and timer are a much-needed addition to this electric range combo as they add to the range's functionality and overall appeal.

Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (10)

Each serving of this Verona Designer Combo has a different heat capacity to suit cooking needs. The chicken supports up to 2200W of heat while the oven has a heat output of 3300W. The 2400W convection provides great cooking and cooking power for daily home cooking. The round stainless steel handle helps to carry out the operations smoothly and without injury. The color-coordinated control panel helps to control the temperature and works effectively and conveniently.

If you're looking for the best electric oven combo then buying the Verona Designer won't hurt you in the long run. It is aesthetically pleasing to the general public, while the affordable price gives it a respectable place among other options. This combo has great cooking capacity as it has five burners and an oven to suit your needs.

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  • Affordable prices
  • aesthetically excellent choice
  • Five extra hot burners for a variety of cooking needs
  • Heating elements and calibration are excellent

In contrast

  • The door insulation can become very hot
  • It takes a while to understand the dialing features

Kenmore 30″ Freestanding Electric Oven Combo

Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (11)

Marke:Kenmore |Fuel:Electric |Ignition:Electronic |Size:30 inches |Material:stainless steel: |Dimensions:28.17 x 29.88 x 36 inches |Voltage:240V |

The Kenmore Elite 30″ Stainless Steel Freestanding Electric Range is a must-have for any home cook. This beast of the range features a ceramic hob with radiant elements and even a heating element in the center back to keep food warm while cooking. No more reheating before putting the food on the table when you have one of these under the counter.

The Kenmore freestanding electric hob combination is a superb example of how cooking in a beautiful oven with the fantastic build quality is possible. No wonder considering they have created many high quality, stylish lines over the years. There's no exception when it comes to what they can do to add the finishing touches to a handset that's also multifunctional.

The freestanding range has a sleek design with full manoeuvrability. It's an expandable range that gives you the convenience of getting things done and the convenience of still having a fully functional cooker. This makes the Kenmore 30 inch standalone combo convenient and much more flexible than other designs that are integrated standalone or full-size models.

Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (12)

Versatility sets Kenmore apart from other high-end oven and hob combinations. It has a front burner with 3200W of heat, while two burners in the back deliver 1200W of heat on each side. There's also a test ring burner that allows for three different pan sizes and provides 3000W of heat to run.

There is nothing wrong with the Kenmore stove combo. It's a speedster with many settings available, cooking at high temperatures and very low temperatures that are exceptional. The oven has its issues with even heating, but it can still do an amazing job of cooking food. At the same time, the range offers sizzling hot and cold sides, giving you complete control over the temperature of every aspect of your meal preparation.


  • Fast cooking with the excellent heating element
  • Doesn't need a manual to understand the functions
  • Stylish and beautiful stainless steel design
  • Good space for a variety of cookware

In contrast

  • Missing door lock function during cooking
  • The front handles heat up quickly

Thor Kitchen HRE3601 36" Electric Oven with Hob

Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (13)

Marke:Thor's Kitchen |Fuel:Electric |Ignition:Electronic |Size:36 inch |Material:stainless steel |Dimensions:36 x 36 x 28 inches |Voltage:240V |

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The Thor Kitchen hob electric oven is an excellent choice in terms of power and performance. It's a newcomer model with some unique features that make it the best electric oven combo for build quality and powerful features. The series combines a smooth glass top with the oven, making it a worthy choice for all baking and cooking tasks.

The top of the Thor Kitchen Oven Combo is smooth with five heating elements. These items range from 6 to 9 inches, providing a good range for various cooking tasks. Flexibility and the ability to get the job done make the Thor kitchen the best choice for your versatile cooking needs.

The Thor kitchen surprised us with six cubic meters of space in relation to the capacity of the oven. It's more than enough to quickly prepare meals for the whole family. The key to the oven is its ability to heat food evenly with its excellent built in heating elements. Whether baking a pizza or heating food, this element has exceptional performance.

Best Electric Stove Combo in 2022 - McGuinnis (14)

In addition, the heating elements are flexible for everyday cooking needs. Provides operational flexibility with three internal heating elements. Each heating element has a wattage that indicates its capacity and intensity to cook food. The top heating element is 3000W while the bottom heating element is 3000W. The third heating element is at the rear with 1300 W.

Since it requires power, you want to connect it to a 240V, 60Hz frequency power source. The induction cooktop offers high heat to prepare your favorite low-calorie delicacies. The controls are simple and safe, with multiple cooking functions that make your life more convenient than ever, including the choice between a conventional or a gentle cooking mode.

Overall, this oven and range are both sturdy and stylish, with heating elements to cook almost any meal. The finish of the unit makes it a great addition to virtually any kitchen. Consider this complete meal cooking unit for an amazing cooking and cooking experience.


  • Powerful heating element
  • Hassle-free cooking with control knobs
  • Ideal dimensions for most kitchen needs
  • Various oven rack settings

In contrast

  • Caro

Need more options? Get the list ofBest Electric Range With Dual Oven In 2022.

What features to look for when buying the best electric range combo

There are several features to consider when shopping for the best electric range combo for your home or professional needs. We've briefly explained them in the following lines to give you an overview and to help you make an informed purchase of your next oven and hob combo.

The electric oven can be difficult to clean, continue to follow our guideHow to clean an electric stove.

The type

Electric ranges come in many shapes and sizes, giving buyers the freedom to choose their favorite stove and an option that correlates with their home's kitchen layout. Whether built-in, slide-in or free-standing electric stove, there are many options. They are also available with exposed coils or smooth surfaces.

When purchasing the combination of electric stove and oven, pay attention to which type best suits your needs. If you have room for a drop-in or slide-in area, go for it. You have the choice to select the types that best suit your use and layout.


The nominal output is the decisive criterion when buying a stove. Electric combos usually have a rated output of between 2,000 and 6,000 W, depending on the burner and oven output. Each burner can vary in wattage and you must consider the wattage as per requirements.

Most people confuse power rating with power and consider the highest power rating to be the priority. However, you should consider investing in a versatile electric range combo as they can meet different cooking needs.

Do you need a circuit breaker for your electric stove, but don't know which one? Follow our guide belowWhat size fuse do I need for an electric stove?


One of the essential features to consider when purchasing a home oven or range is its width. It should be fully compatible with your kitchen space, especially if you're worried about getting through doors. Ideally, the hob surface should be flush with the worktop, while the front should be flush with the cabinets. The vast majority of domestic ovens and ranges are 30"-36" wide, making them perfect for a kitchen.

When designing the details of your interior, you also need to think about the size of the vents in your kitchen. Ideally, a range hood should be as wide as your cooktop, with an extra three inches over each side of it. Provide enough space for air to circulate around the cooking area.


The size of your stove's footprint is a major factor in determining what type of kitchen appliance will fit your space and needs. A 30-inch model usually leaves enough room for five burners and an oven, but a more practical option might better fit your schedule or general household needs when preparing meals for large groups.

Models with wider hobs are great for creating enough space for larger pots and pans. In addition, they are essential if you plan to regularly place items such as grills on them.

safety devices

Find out about the different brands and their safety features. Every manufacturer or brand is obliged to offer devices with a lock-off function or something similar to keep them safe during operation. Choose the best combination of electric range with approved internal circuitry and 3-pin sockets for the best protection against electric shock for your body.


The best electric stove combo offers a unique cooking experience that has many advantages in both gas and induction stoves. It is one of the best choices for gammas as it comes with sophisticated controls and versatile features. The high-tech features and design elements make it easy to pick over other oven options.

There isn't a single winner on the list that we can recommend as they all come packed with versatile features and top-notch functionality. It is up to you to choose the best option according to your needs and features that attract you. Reading the reviews and buying guide will help you get through the selection phase and clear any questions you may have in mind.


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