A Guide to Fire Safety Signs | Types of fire safety signs (2023)

Everyone on a construction site should be aware of emergency exits, fire equipment and fire alarms. This is why fire safety signs are so important to businesses and must be properly and effectively installed to comply with regulations and save lives. Here we outline regulations related to fire safety signs, discuss the four types of fire safety signs and provide a detailed guide to the different signs your business will need.

What regulations apply to fire protection marking?

In the event of an emergency, training or “common sense” is not an acceptable expectation or safety measure. Your company may often have guests or visitors who would not be trained in your company's fire safety procedures. In addition, emergencies trigger panic that can crowd out rational decision-making. This is why clearly visible signage is so important; offers clear orientation in an extremely dangerous time.

There are two important laws you need to be aware of regarding fire signaling: theHealth and Safety (Safety Signs and Signs) Regulations 1996 (HSR)it is atRegulatory Reform (Fire Safety Regulations) 2005 (RRFSO).

The HSR describes the proper nature, application and maintenance of fire signals, while the RRFSO presents the responsibility and risk assessment related to the identification and implementation of the actions required by the HSR.

While all businesses require at least three fire safety signs, the HSR states that "the number and placement of signs or signaling devices to be installed will depend on the magnitude of the risk or hazard or the area to be covered". The Company has special safety considerations and must properly install and maintain signage, including (but not limited to) identifying fire extinguishers, emergency exits, escape routes, andmount point signals. But who is responsible for this?

The RRFSO requires all companies to appoint a responsible person to be responsible for fire safety. One of the main tasks of the responsible person is to carry out a risk assessment, which includes a careful, thoughtful and competent examination of the fire safety risks of the company. After all risks have been identified, the responsible person must take action to minimize their likelihood or impact by installing fire protection equipment such as: B. Fire extinguishers of appropriate type and fire safety signs.

fire alarm categories

There are four main types of fire safety signs, all of which need to be clearly posted and properly maintained. These are:

  • Fire Action Notice: Explain what to do in the event of a fire
  • Firefighting Equipment: Highlight where firefighting equipment is located
  • Emergency exit and door: Route marking to emergency exits and clear identification of fire doors
  • Warning and Prohibition: Warn people of danger and warn them about unsafe actions

Below we provide a more detailed guide on what each means.

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Firefighting warning sign

AFire Fighting Advicetells people what to do in the event of a fire and provides clear instructions as well as "don't" instructions. These include: triggering the alarm; exit the building through the nearest exit; attend the meeting point; and don't go back to the building.
They are essential to protecting lives and reducing panicked decisions as they provide simple steps to take in an emergency.
These are essential in all commercial premises including offices, multi-person residences and hospitals. Learn more,Read our guide to fire safety alerts now.

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Firefighter equipment sign

The RRFSO requires non-automatic fire-fighting equipment to be "easily accessible, easy to use and identified by signs".
All facilities housing fire-fighting equipment must have appropriate signage of the fire-fighting equipment in a conspicuous location near the equipment.
While there are many signs including fire hose and fire blanket signs, the most common is aFire extinguisher mark, in which the type of fire extinguisher is specified and which fire classes can be fought with it.

There are several classes of fire, distinguished by their fuel source. These include:

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  • Class A fires: materials containing carbon
  • Class B fires: flammable liquids
  • Class C fires: combustible gases
  • Class D fires: metal combustion
  • electrical fires
  • Class F fires: edible oils and fats

As a result, there are many types of fire extinguishers designed to deal with different or specific classes of fire. These are:

  • water extinguisher
  • foam fire extinguisher
  • Dry powder fire extinguisher
  • CO2 fire extinguisher
  • Wet chemical fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher identification tags quickly show people what the extinguisher is for, which is important as using the wrong type can quickly make the fire worse. To learn more, read our in-depthGuide to the different types of fire extinguishers.

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Emergency exit signs and doors

All non-residential and multi-family dwellings require emergency exit signs and fire doors. However, in buildings less than two stories high, these signs may not be required.
If you believe your facility is covered, contact the RRFSO for peace of mind and reassurance.
emergency exit signsefire safety signsgive clear instructions on how to evacuate the building safely, as well as instructions on fire safety measures.
For example, an emergency exit is represented by a green running man sign and may also prompt people to keep the area clear, reducing the risk of obstruction.
Likewise, a fire door sign can alert people to keep the door closed, reducing the spread of smoke and fire in an emergency. Find out more with ourGuide to Emergency Exit Signs and Fire Doors.

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Warning and prohibition signs

Although they may look similar, there is a clear and important difference between warning and prohibition signs. Warning signs indicate that there is a fire hazard nearby, while prohibition signs indicate an action not to be taken to ensure fire safety.
For example, a combustible gas container may aCombustible gas warning signas well as aNo smoking sign.

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What do the colors of the fire protection signs mean?

Green emergency exit signs

Just as a green traffic light signals a safe journey, a green fire safety traffic light shows people a safe route or safe action in the event of a fire. For example, emergency exit signs are colored green.

Blue fire safety signs

Blue fire safety signs indicate a measure required for fire safety, e.g. B. Instructions on a fire safety notice or “Keep your distance” and “Keep closed” messages on fire door signs .

Red fire safety signs

A red fire safety sign indicates a prohibited action that must not be taken to maintain fire safety. This may include information on fire extinguisher identification tags related to substances for which the fire extinguisher is not to be used.

Fire safety signage is critical to protecting lives and complying with the law. Discover our extensiveAssortment of fire safety signsand if you don't find what you're looking for,contact usby phone, email or web chat and our customer service team will be happy to assist you further or discuss our custom signage service.

Darren Taylor, UK Safety Store Managing Director
With over 30 years experience manufacturing and regulating safety signs, our Managing Director Darren takes pride in providing the very best service and insight to all UK Safety Store customers.

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Posted: 10. September 2021


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