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Most people will agree, there's nothing quite like biting into a perfectly smoked piece of brisket. But if you're relatively new to outdoor cooking, smoking brisket can be quite the chore. One thing is for sure, great pitmasters are full of tried and true racing grid secrets. Especially in relation to the chest. Everything from getting the best possible cut of meat to slicing it right after cooking helps produce juicy, flavorful meat.

When it's aboutsmoked brisketthat is competitive, some very important tips must be followed. In this guide, we're going to break some of these tips and secrets right out of the box.grill masterand help you get started on the path to smoking a brisket that will get everyone talking. Let's take a look:

1. Meat selection is everything

If you want great brisket, you need to start with quality beef. Understanding the different qualities of meat, what to look for and how to select the perfect cut is a crucial part of producing a great-tasting brisket. Read our article onhow to buy good meatFor more informations.

You should start with at least one elective or upper pectoral class. election note is goodmarmoreio(fat) in meat. Then the next tier is the Prime tier which will feature even more marbling. Why is it important? The fat adds flavor and helps keep the brisket moist during cooking. The fat also helps keep the meat nice and tender.

2. It is better to trim a little.

You want to cut out all the big, chunky pieces of fat. That "bad fat" won't leak out during the cooking process. Sometimes the brisket will have a fat cap at the bottom that is over an inch thick. Slice about 3/8 inch thick, making sure the fat layer is even.

You'll also see some gray flesh around the edges of the breast. Cut just enough until you start to see redness in the flesh. Even after the cut, there's still good fat left in the chest to help supportThe tasteand keep it moist.

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3. Rub well.

The three main ingredients for a good brisket are salt, pepper and garlic (SPG). This is a great foundation scrub and there are many on the market today that have this popular combination. SomeBBQ in Zentral TexasPurists might argue that you should only use salt and pepper on the brisket. However, experiment with different rubs and flavors to see what you like best.

You can add a more complex flavor profile to the base SPG by using a rub to enhance the flavor of the meat. like the"What's Your Meat" Barbecue-Rubfrom our pit masterSterling Smithsown Loot N' Booty barbecue. It really enhances the meat and adds a wonderful depth of flavor to the brisket.

4. Is the meat side up or down?

That's the age-old question when it comes to smoking brisket properly. Some swear by Meat Up, others by Meat Down. When a lot of heat comes from below, the best way to smoke a brisket is meat-side up. Otherwise, it's up to you how you want to smoke a brisket.

Some people will tell you that when smoking, with the meat down and the fat up, the fatty juices at the top flow through the brisket and help keep it moist. This is not true. The brisket is a very hard and dense piece of protein. The fat does not pass through the meat.

5. To involve or not to involve

When smoking a brisket, the question often arises: should I wrap the brisket? Wrapping a breast three-quarters of the way through the cooking process retains moisture and helps it get through a critical part of the cooking process known asThe stable.

If you have a lot of time, like 12 to 16 hours, you can smoke a breast without wrapping it. However, you have to be very careful about letting a brisket smoke for that long. It can get too smoky and ruin a good brisket. If you smoke the brisket and never wrap it, you should keep a very clean fire with very little smoke.

If you want to wrap the breast, you can use peach paper, brownish-pink brown food paper, or aluminum foil. Both are good choices. Wrapping the breast in aluminum foil is called"Texas Crutch". There's still a little more smoke in the chest with peach paper than with aluminum foil. Both methods help maintain temperature and push the chest through support.

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6. Fire safety is critical when smoking beef.

Keeping meat at a consistent temperature for many hours during cooking is crucial to making great brisket. The key to this is controlling your flame. The best pitmasters always suggest going for the fire. You can stoke the fire slightly to raise the temperature a little. But lowering the temperature of a raging fire is much more difficult.

When smoking brisket you need to keep the smoke thin and blue. If you expel thick black smoke, you will spoil the chest. As it will cook for hours, you'll need to control the heat so you don't over-smoke the meat.

Because of this, wrapping is a good idea if you're not good with fire. You can smoke the brisket for four to five hours and then wrap it without oversmoking the meat.

7. It's done when it's done!

So many people cook a brisket to a desired temperature. You can never do that and have a great chest. Have aHigh quality meat thermometerdone, but use the temperature as a guide. It's more important to trust how you feel.

No two breasts are the same, so no two cook the same. You need to cook a breast long enough that it becomes tender when you insert a probe into the thickest part of the flat. Similar to hot butter paste. Then the chest will be finished. Never cook at a certain temperature!

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8. Let it rest

You've just smoked your brisket for hours, it has a delicious skin and it's ready to roll out of the smoker. Patience is also needed here. Don't just dive in and start cutting it yet.

It's important to let the breast rest for at least an hour (or a few hours).If you start slicing while the meat is very hot, you'll lose all the fat and connective tissue that liquefies during cooking. Keep the meat moist by letting it cool. This gives the fatty collagen time to thicken and remain in the breast.

One way to let it rest properly is to place the breast in a cooler and close the lid. Some pitmasters keep their chest in a warmer at a resting temperature of 137.5 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don't have a heater to maintain that specific temperature, do your best to hit exactly 140 F.

9. Cutting MUST be done correctly

Once the brisket has rested, cutting the meat properly is another very important step. This guarantees a delicious bite every time. You've just spent hours smoking the perfect chest, you don't want to end up messing it up.

One of the things you need to do when slicing brisket is to cut the grain from the meat. You should never cut a brisket in the same direction as the grain of the meat. This will make the meat slices very tough and chewy.

There are two sections of meat, the tip and the flat, and the grain runs in two different directions between the two sections. Be sure to cut the breast in half first, where the point meets the flat side to separate the two pieces. This will ensure that you are cutting against the grain in both sections while continuing to cut through the rest of the meat.

Timing is also very important. You don't want to cut the breast until it's time to eat it. Sliced ​​brisket degrades every second after being sliced. Keeping that in mind, you should also make sure that you are fully prepared and practicing.Furniture, and have everything you need ready before you make your first cut. First, prepare your cutting board, knife and towel.

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10. Track your results

You can't improve what you don't know. Great pitmasters take detailed notes for each round of smoke. Note what worked and what didn't, what happened at different temperatures, at different times, with different types of wood, wrapped or unwrapped, etc.

Learning from your mistakes and improving on them is part of the fun of cooking outdoors and learning to smoke like a pro.

pack it all

By following the tips above, you'll be well on your way to figuring out how to smoke brisket like the champion Pitmasters. Critical preparation starts before your smoker even heats up, like choosing the right type of meat and cutting it properly. Maintaining constant temperatures is also crucial.

These things are just the tip of the iceberg of information you'll learn from the pit and grill masters we've partnered with here at BBQ Champs Academy.If You're Feeling Intimidated Trying To Make Tasty Barbecue Ribs, We'll Show Youhow to smoke a breastlike the professionals. Learn how from champion pitmasters like Corey Mikes and Sterling Smith. All perfected the perfect barbecued ribs smoke. You'll learn step-by-step techniques along with insider secrets, all in stunning high definition video. They'll show you how to smoke amazing, competitive ribs from start to finish.

Learn all the tips and techniques directly from thechampion pitmastershere at BBQ Champs Academy to cook everything from the perfect brisket to delicious ribs.


How do you win a KCBS BBQ competition? ›

Bottom line – it's all about the meat - its appearance, its taste and its tenderness. Every KCBS judge's table includes six certified judges.
Appearance Requirements
  1. Make sure you turn in the right meat.
  2. Only use leafy greens. ...
  3. Don't sculpt your meat.
  4. Ensure there are six equal portions – one for every judge.

What do KCBS judges look for? ›

A KCBS judge evaluates barbeque in three different criteria: taste, appearance and texture.

What is the pink ring in brisket? ›

A smoke ring refers to the pink-colored meat that remains after the meat has been cooked, just between the crust and the interior brown-colored meat. Smoke rings are usually no more than a few millimeters thick and can appear in any meat, like brisket, shoulder, or rib.

How do you beat a smoking stall? ›

Utilize the Texas Crutch Method & Wrap the Meat

One particular method that is used to help power through a stall is what is known as the “Texas Crutch”. This is when the meat is wrapped in either aluminum foil or Peach Paper three-quarters of the way through the smoking process.

Who has won BBQ Brawl? ›

Some of Rashad Jones' famous barbecue. "This journey was amazing but it wasn't easy!" he wrote, adding: "I am super proud to join the ranks of BBQ Hall of Famer @leeannwhippen from BBQ Brawl Season 1 and @bluesmokeblaire from BBQ Brawl Season 2 as this season's Master of 'Cue!' "

What is 180 score in BBQ? ›

Accordingly, a perfect score is 180 and results when at least five judges at a table give nines in all three categories.

What is the KCBS oath? ›

I do solemnly swear to objectively and subjectively evaluate each Barbeque meat that is presented to my eyes, my nose, my hands and my palate. I accept my duty to be an Official KCBS Certified Judge, so that truth, justice, excellence in Barbeque and the American Way of Life may be strengthened and preserved forever.

Why am I not getting a smoke ring? ›

Amount of oxygen: There needs to be oxygen for combustion to happen. If there's not enough oxygen present, your fuel will smolder and produce less NO, which means no smoke ring.

Do smoke rings add flavor? ›

So Does the Smoke Ring Enhance Flavor? Nope! That's the funny thing about it: A great smoke ring looks amazing, but it's not the part that tastes smoky. That's caused by flavor compounds penetrating the meat, and it does this throughout the cut.

Does chicken get a smoke ring? ›

A smoke ring is a region of pink colored meat in the outermost 8-10 millimeters of smoked meats. It is usually seen on smoked chicken, pork, and beef.

How to smoke a pork butt? ›

How to Smoke a Pork Butt for Pulled Pork:
  1. Trim excess fat off the butt.
  2. Season liberally with Pork Rub.
  3. Use hickory, apple, or a blend of wood pellets.
  4. Set your grill to 225 degrees.
  5. Smoke for 8-10 hours.
  6. Pull when the internal temperature is between 195 and 203 degrees.
  7. Let it rest for 30 - 60 minutes.

How do you trap smoke smell? ›

Placing bowls of activated charcoal (powdered form) around your room may help to absorb the smoke odors. Fresh Air. In the warmer weather, leave your windows and doors open as much as possible. Fresh air will eventually dissipate the smell of smoke.

How do you slow smoke? ›

The ideal temperature for most smoking ranges from 200° F to 225° F. Keeping a consistent temperature throughout the cook is the secret to low and slow smoking. A built-in thermometer or a meat thermometer can be used to monitor internal temperature to ensure consistency throughout the cook.

Who is the new master of cue? ›

Ocala BBQ king Rashad Jones of Big Lee's wins Food Network contest, becomes 'Master of 'Cue'

Who is Sunny Moody? ›

Sunny is the 2021 WFC Steak Category Champion and has received numerous awards, Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion plus multiple 1st place finishes in many categories in BBQ and Grilling.

Who wins Master of Q? ›

Lee Ann Whippen of Team Bobby Flay was named the Master of 'Cue after ousting seven barbecue greats on the premiere season of BBQ Brawl: Flay V. Symon. Contestant Lynnae Oxley, as seen on BBQ BRAWL Flay V Symon, Season 1.

What are the 4 styles of BBQ? ›

Before you start prepping your rubs and firing up your offset vertical smoker, you need to know about the four main regional styles that characterize barbecue in the United States: Carolina, Kansas City, Memphis, and Texas.

What is the hand rule BBQ? ›

Always pull your hand away from the heat before it hurts, and be sure that nothing flammable, such as a sleeve, is dangling from your arm. If you need to pull your hand away after 2 to 4 seconds, the heat is high. If you need to pull your hand away after 5 to 7 seconds, the heat is medium.

What cut is best for BBQ? ›

As steaks cook quickly on the grill, tender cuts such as sirloin, ribeye and fillet give the best results. These cuts come from areas of the cow that do less work, whereas hard-working muscles are better for long, slow cooking.

Is 300 degrees hot for grill? ›

Medium-Low Heat (275 to 300 degrees)

True barbecue and indirect grilling. Good for ribs and pork shoulder.

How hot is 350 on a grill? ›

3 seconds = 400° = MEDIUM-HIGH (good for grilling) 4 seconds = 350° = MEDIUM (good for grilling) 5 seconds = 325° = MEDIUM-LOW (good for slow cooking) 6 seconds = 300° = LOW (good for long smoking)

How much BBQ do I need for 100? ›

Ordering Guide Estimator for a 4-Course Meal Example Meal: 2 Meats & 2 Sides
Number of people to be servedPounds of each food group
80 People20 lb.
100 People25 lb.
150 People37.5 lb.
200 People50 lb.
7 more rows

What are 3 rules for using the grill? ›

What You Need to Know
  • Separate it from other food.
  • Refrigerate it before grilling.
  • Wash your hands before and after handling it.
  • Make sure its juices do not touch other food, utensils, and surfaces.
  • Use a food thermometer to ensure it is cooked to a safe temperature.
Mar 17, 2022

Should you shut a BBQ? ›

Cut of meat

Thin pork chops, shrimp, and burgers tend to cook quickly. Leaving the grill lid up will slow the cooking process by reducing the temperature around the meat. For thicker cuts, you want to close the lid to keep the temperature high and even.

Why is it called a BBQ? ›

The word barbecue comes from the language of a Caribbean Indian tribe called the Taino. Their word for grilling on a raised wooden platform is barbacoa. The word first appeared in print in a Spanish explorer's account of the West Indies in 1526, according to Planet Barbecue.

Is an oath a swearing? ›

An oath is a verbal promise to tell the truth made while holding the Bible. A witness may choose to swear an oath on another relevant religious text. An affirmation is a verbal, solemn and formal declaration, which is made in place of an oath. A person may choose to make an affirmation rather than taking an oath.

What does KCBS stand for? ›

San Francisco, California
Call sign meaningColumbia Broadcasting System, the former legal name of former owner CBS Corporation
Technical information
Licensing authorityFCC
Facility ID9637
21 more rows

Why was the oath so important? ›

The oath is an important ceremonial gesture signifying the official start to one's term in office. Importantly, it is a means for the official to make a public commitment to the duties, responsibilities and obligations associated with holding public office.

What do judges look for in BBQ competition? ›

Judges then rate each entry based on the meat's overall appearance, taste, and tenderness. Scores are tallied and winners are named in each category. The team with the highest overall score is named Grand Champion.

What does the winner of BBQ Brawl win? ›

Along with the coveted title of Master of 'Cue, the winner gets a starring role in a series on Food Network digital. If anything, the prize will give the champion grill chef a bigger platform and more exposure. Season 3 premiered on Monday, May 9, 2022, with a special 90-minute episode.

What is the most prestigious BBQ competition? ›

American Royal World Series. Kansas City, MO, is home to “The World Series of Barbecue,” the world's largest BBQ competition -- with 500 teams competing and 70,000 spectators. The larger American Royal event spans 2.5 months and also includes a parade and a professional rodeo (with a $300,000 prize package).

What is the dress code for a BBQ? ›

The most common dress code for an outdoor barbeque party, whether it's at home in the backyard or at the park, is smart casual. The fun, friendly air of the party calls for an equally comfortable, yet playful outfit. So leave the tie at home and opt for a classic smart casual look for this enjoyable event.

What should I wear to a team BBQ? ›

A denim jacket, shorts, cropped jeans, a denim skirt, or anything denim is ideal for a barbecue party. They never go out of style; hence, you will never be wrong to match it up!

Who is the winningest woman in BBQ? ›

Melissa Cookston

Cookston is known as the "winningest woman in barbecue." At barbecue competitions across the country, Cookston and her team have taken top prizes for ribs, sauce, whole hog and overall grand champion. She also runs Memphis Barbecue Co. restaurants in Mississippi and Georgia.

Is Korean BBQ a good first date? ›

Korean BBQ

You can get a good first date meal at a Korean BBQ joint. There's lots of food, and the food is usually good, but most importantly, the meal will be great for sharing. This is an Asian first date food that's best shared with your date.

How do you not smell after a KBBQ? ›

So what can we do to get rid of it asap? We asked the cleaning experts at the GHI to share some tips. Sprinkle your BBQ-scented clothes with bicarbonate of soda – leave overnight, then shake out and wash as normal. Wash separately from other clothes that aren't tainted with smoke smells.

Who are the 3 judges on BBQ Brawl? ›

Production. The series is filmed at the Star Hill Ranch in Austin, Texas. The first season aired from August 1 to August 22, 2019; and it was presented by chefs Bobby Flay and Michael Symon. Chefs Moe Cason, Chris Lilly and Amy Mills served as judges.

What state is number 1 for BBQ? ›

Texas is the best state for BBQ. It's home to three of the top 12 best BBQ cities in America: San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. Americans are passionate about their BBQ foods, with conversations around the grill often sparking fiery debates over which is best: North Carolina style vs. Kansas City style, wet rub vs.

Who is the best pitmaster in America? ›

Aaron Franklin is a world-famous BBQ pitmaster who took the world by storm and is hands down, the best-known grillmaster. He started his own restaurant Franklin Barbecue with a $99 smoker before being termed as the ultimate BBQ pitmaster.


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